You are not alone!


So many people are suffering in silence, not knowing that they are not alone in their battles

I have learned to reach out, to become an ear without judging, without talking.

I have learned that sometimes, the greatest pain can be hidden behind the most beautiful smile.


This is amazing to see although our paths are different, our steps usually take us to the same road.

We are all connected and need each other.

I have heard another uplifting song at church

And I hope that it will bring peace to someone as it did to me.


The words and the music filled my heart with hope

                      I am going to sing in the middle of the storm

                      Louder and Louder

                      You’re going to hear my praises roar

                      Up from the ashes, hope will arise

                      Death is defeated, and the king is alive


This post is about finding peace, joy, and comfort

It is a simple reminder that you are not alone

You don’t have to be a believer to know that you are not alone.

There is always help,

There is always someone out there for you, just believe!


  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder to have open ears and open hearts for those that are in need – and also for the reminder if we are the ones in need to be brave and reach out to someone, because there are people who are willing to be there with us through the storm.

  2. To many people suffer in silence and that is why the issues of mental health are on the rise. I feel that the main problem is that everyone is so concerned about themselves that they are no longer giving a listening ear to others. We are not being empathetic. But hey, no one alone. Just find someone you can talk to , without being judged.

    • I agree with you, Dalene, the more connected we seem to be, the more apart we are. We need to take time and reach out and be there for our loved ones.

  3. Thank you for reminding us that we are not alone. Totally agree with you that a lot of people suffer in silence. Just shared your post and hope it can reach anyone who may need to hear this message.

  4. This is great advice. I was actually just giving a presentation today at work and was talking about something similar. I was sharing how “talking about things” with others is so beneficial for wellness. Often, people keep their stress and worries to themselves in isolation, but that only causes it to get worse. When we talk with others, it helps lift the burden, and you may even find clarity, perspective, or solutions in the process.

  5. What a beautiful and positive post. Just what I needed this morning! I love the fact that you believe we are all connected.

  6. Since I decided to be a work at home professional, the thing that I miss most is having friends around me everyday. Sometimes working in the comforts of home can be lonely. Thankfully, there is social media where I can still connect and chat with my friends.

    • I can relate, Kristine, I have left the hospital for 7 years, and now, I am working from home. Although, it does have great advantages and I can be there for my children, I miss the social interaction tremendously.

  7. Unfortunately some people do feel that they are alone on the battlefield. It might be because they got rejected in the past when they asked for help, or because they don’t have the courage to admit to someone that they are not ok.

  8. I completely agree! It is a terrible feeling to feel all alone, but there are so many support groups and people willing to lend a shoulder or an ear that those wanting to reach out should, I think they’d be surprised how many people they could connect with.

  9. This is inspiring. Sometimes we are afraid to ask for help whenever we are faced with difficulties. We want to be independent and solve it on our own – which is good. But it wouldn’t hurt to open upon and ask for help.

  10. Your post was so inspiring. I used to keep things for myself, thought i was all alone when in reality i had a whole support system around me.
    I guess it just takes time to realize that you need to ask for help. x


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