When it hurts…


No matter how strong we are, pain and suffering are an inevitable part of our lives.  I used to suppress my pain, both emotional and physical to show a strong face to the world.  I kept everything inside without realizing that it was causing damages.  After listening to one of my friends shared her experience on how she set herself free when she finally allowed herself to cry and let others witness her pain.

I always thought to express my pain and suffering was a sign of weakness. I used to feel embarrassed to have my suffering on display for all to see.  I endured everything in silence and pretended for so long that I was okay even in my worst days.  I could have found help, but I kept pretending.

Physical and emotional pain is very challenging and can impact our health, well-being, and relationships.  They may even shape the way we act if we don’t have something or someone to hold on.  Now, I know and accept the fact that it is okay to let others know when I am struggling or suffering.

Regardless if it’s physical or emotional, the first step is finding the origin of our pain so we can properly address it. Although each of us experiences pain differently, there’s a help, there’s hope, there’s a treatment for each of us.

If you were like me and was holding to your pain and disappointment it is time to find the relief you need.  It’s okay if it hurts but it is not okay to remain in a painful situation for too long.  The pain should not last forever, it will end, empower yourself to get the help you need.  Most importantly, remember to care for yourself as you would do for others.


  1. This is such a good reminder. Most of the time, I can’t bury my emotions from certain people. My husband and my dad can read me better than anyone else I know. I try to keep a strong face sometimes for my boys so they don’t get worried about things they don’t need to, but otherwise, I try not to hold things in if I can help it.

    • I kept a strong face for too long, now, I let it out. It’s good to have those 2 pillars in your life, Stephanie!

  2. What a great reminder! It’s so important to acknowledge all types of emotions instead of brush them aside, we might feel like the only ones going through struggles but the truth is that everyone has everyday struggles.

  3. I am so glad you wrote this, Marjie. The stress of holding in physical and emotional stress and pain are truly damaging indeed. When my late father had his first heart attack, he was EXTREMELY healthy/low risk for heart disease in every respect EXCEPT for accumulated stress. Ditto for developing the rare blood cancer that ultimately ended his life.

    • Sorry to hear that, Flossie, I realized talking to others and sharing our experiences can bring healing faster.

  4. It’s really hard to express my pain especially if no one can listen to my thoughts and anything. Writing in my blog is my way to express my feelings because most of the people don’t really care about you unless you do something that can give their benefit and that thing called reality. Life was full of disappointments but you need to keep going. that’s life.

  5. This is true. I’ve been hurt deep before but I came out of it because I allowed myself to feel the pain. I am never one who hides my emotions so I guess it’s good.

  6. You’re right…circumstances in life force us to experience pain once in a while. But what I’ve come to appreciate is the act of finding joy in the pain. Just thinking that my story could help someone out there fills me with joy to triumph over the situation.

  7. Having to experience pain is not what anyone would wish for, but as for it been inevitable, I have to go through the challenge of both emotional and physical pain. But my balance of emotional swings really helps me slot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I really wish there was a way to share pain and disappointment somewhere where I could turn it into something good and get help. But at the same time, I don’t want people’s pity or a simple “It’s going to get better”. Need better advice, I feel.

    • Sometimes, we just need someone to just hear us without commenting, or simply a good shoulder to cry. That can make the difference.

  9. I know it’s hard to deal with the pain when it’s going on. But you are so right. When you get through the pain you can feel empowered to help others through similar situations. You understand the pain and what they are going through and can help them navigate all hardship.

  10. You are so right, physical and emotional pain is very impacts your entire life and well-being. It is one of the toughest things people have to go through. However, most of the time it helps us become stronger once we get through it.

  11. I am so proud of you Marje! Pain is inevitable and keeping it to yourself makes it even harder. It’s so hard leaving with pain and has no one to share it with.

  12. I am so proud of you Marje! Pain is inevitable and keeping it to yourself makes it even harder. It’s so hard living with pain and has no one to share it with.


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