What if we take the time to travel….


Summer is the time of the year where some of us are ready to enjoy some well-deserved time off. Besides getting disconnected from my busy life, I always make sure to go somewhere new even if it’s locally.  Traveling opens my eyes, brings me joy, and most importantly gives me the opportunity to see the world through different lenses.


Those are my favorite quotes about traveling.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.  Saint Augustine

Niagara Falls


I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.  Mary Anne Radmacher

Once upon a time, my girls and I exploring the sea

I am always amazed by the difference amongst us.  Learning about new ways of eating, talking, and even dressing is so enriching and only by traveling that I can appease that thirst for knowledge.   I am still trying to absorb the beauty within the world.


Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Ibn Battuta

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.  Gustave Flaubert

Martinique 2017

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.  Samuel Johnson

The sky is our limit, My daughter and I about to fly above Las Vegas


Every now and then, I take my kids on a mini road trip.  Regardless, how crazy life can be, now is the only time I have to do that with them.  I cannot plan for later, tomorrow does not belong to me.  This quote of Mark Twain reinforces my thinking: “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did do”.

Myrtle Beach, SC

What I have also realized, I do not have to travel miles to see beauty.  We can find true beauty in our own town or the one next to us.  We just need a little trip to discover great beauty.

I hope you take time to travel, to explore the world and learn, start by taking a little trip.  Enjoy the summer, and remember: “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself” Matthew Karsten


  1. I wish at least every year we are able to travel. We think travel is important for self-discovery, a great way to relax and also maybe learn about a destination’s culture. There’s so many places on our travel bucketlist that we can hopefully start crossing off.

  2. I love traveling too. It’s really amazing to discover the world. I love trying new foods and visiting famous destinations when I travel.

  3. I love your pictures with your girls! Family time is so important, and I think traveling makes you even closer! Your point about travel even locally is something I need to do, I live in Vegas and there’s plenty to see around here, and we just never go and explore. Now it’s too hot, but when it will get cooler I will definatly travel more here.

  4. I love travel! spend time with your family to travel is very awesome you can feel the enjoyment with them lucky you! I like the pictures!

  5. I love to travel too and experience different cultures and lifestyles. I have managed to tick a few places off my bucket list but more to go!

  6. We try to take one vacation every year in addition to our annual Florida trip in the summer. I love traveling for many of the same reasons you listed, getting to see the food and culture and way of life in other places, and see the beauty of the world.

  7. I look forward to the days when the kids are grown and my husband and I can travel wherever we want. Right now I’ll stick o the disneyworlds and sea worlds, and take in those precious memories.

  8. Yep! Yep! I made it my goal that our family goes on a trip at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be a big trip. A short road trip driving 3 hours to get to a beach would suffice. But it’s also our goal to have at least one epic trip a year.

    • I love learning about different cultures, and it’s amazing to go to different places and learn about new ways of doing things, which is like reading new chapters of life, David.

  9. YESSS!! We love to travel. I feel like it’s a time to reconnect with my husband. Also, no matter how exhausting the trip is, it’s still refreshing to get away from the norm.

  10. There are so many benefits to traveling! You learn so much about the culture & people, get to try different foods and discover new things about yourself. I love that you take your daughters travelling with you!

  11. I love your travel quotes! My husband and I live in China, so it’s easy to take a quick trip to places like Thailand or Korea. We travel at least twice every year. I think it’s important to explore new places and learn everything you can about the local culture. Great post!

  12. Traveling has opened my eyes to so much of what the world has to offer. I can’t wait to keep traveling and see the world and continue to learn.

  13. For last five years, i have followed and believed in Saint Augustine’s quote. It’s like my life has two main motives 1. earn enough. 2. spend it in travelling. and I hope to do it all along my life.Thanks for a great reminder.

  14. Loving all those quotes. I love to travel with my girls too! Agreed that sometimes you just need a quick trip or to even just find the beauty in your surroundings.

  15. Traveling is so much fun and a wonderful way to enjoy life. I’m so glad that you shared this about traveling, it has inspired me to want to travel more.

  16. Thanks for the encouragement. I didn’t love traveling years before.. But now, I love it! Hopefully more will also be inspired by our posts. Sharing cultures are cool!

  17. Right now, my health issues are limiting me to traveling only close to home. Mostly staycations. When me and my husband are well enough, you can be sure we’d be heading out on new adventures once again.

  18. I think that traveling is, perhaps, one of the most important things we can do in life for ourselves and our overall experience of our world. I certainly haven’t done enough in my life. Looking forward to more.

  19. Reading this amazing post has made me realize how much more I have to make for traveling. Later this year I am planning a trip to the Bahamas and next year a trip to Europe. This post should serve as motivation and an eye-opener for us all. Our money will return, but our time wont. Let’s travel as much as possible!

  20. I do love the travel makes you modest quote. It does bring a kind of humility to it when you realize where you came from is such a small part of a greater world. And you are such a small part of even that.


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