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    Getting to know me: I am  a daughter, a sister, a wife, a  mother, and a nurse.  Most importantly, I am  passionate for life.  I always give my best  to anything that I decide to do.  I believe taking a risk to fulfill your dream can be rewarding.  Just remember to combine dedication, love, and enthusiasm and you will be surprised with your accomplishments.

    I always have a passion for writing.  Everyday, I let my imagination take me to different routes which bring joy and peace to my life.  The idea to create a blog came from my older daughter Youricka, (my children are my inspiration literally).   She suggested that I bring my creative thinking to life.  I am not sure where the journey will take us, but I am positive that sharing my thoughts with you will be fulfilling.

    Life is a beautiful journey that cannot be done alone.  I will take you with me and together we will let our heart and soul speak.

    Positive thinking is a must

    My kids are my world

    Food brings me joy, and I find happiness in writing.  If you share the same passion as me, let’s write together

    Thanks for taking the time to read my page.

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    I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a nurse. Most importantly, I am passionate about life. I always give my best to anything that I decide to do. I believe taking a risk to fulfill your dream can be rewarding.


    1. Thank you Alix, it would not be possible without your precious help. My philosophy is once you have a dream, you work hard, give it your best, and do all it takes to succeed., then the universe will put people in your path to help you achieve it.

      • Thank you, it’s not easy, I am still learning. My hope is to make that blog a little corner for people to escape, dream and write with me. Please continue to visit my blog and share feedback.


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