Welcome July

The Sun, The Sky, and the Sea

I am welcoming July with a grin, besides being ready for the summer, it is also my birthday month.  My heart was longing for the sea which knows all my secrets and can only bring serenity and joy to my soul.  I can attest that the sounds of the waves, the smell of the sea, and the wind blowing my hair is indeed therapeutic.

July, it’s my time to enjoy simple pleasure such as a long barefoot walk on the beach which is all I need to relax and be happy after a busy week work.  I also adore the warm sensation of the sand under my feet.

My daughter, being free and trying to reach the sky

I know some of you cannot take the heat of this sunny month, but it can be pleasurable depending on where you are.  Growing up in the Caribbean, I am used to summertime weather all year around.  As a kid, July was that blissful time spent at my grandmother’s house in the countryside, eating fruits, running around, diving in the rivers, and being free and happy.  Those memories will stay with me forever.

Another blessing of this month is not to wake up early to take my daughter to school.  These extra 30 minutes to myself give me time to meditate deeply, to start the day in a more positive way, and be more thankful.  Not having to rush in the morning makes such a difference and I am grateful for this.

I am ready to enjoy a month filled with simple and peaceful pleasures. I hope and wish you to take the time to pause and to be thankful for each second of my beautiful month.

Happy Summer, Happy July!


  1. Sounds like July is off to a fabulous start. I grew up in Jamaica but the heat with humidity is nothing like our dry heat. Happy birthday when it comes.

  2. I love the beach too! I will be at my family beach timeshare in less than a week and I am so ready. I have always lived in either South Florida or South Texas, so I am also used to the heat and love the summer. July is one of my favorite months, too, because i know we will be heading to Florida and the beach!

  3. Hello July! The sunny month full of adventures and surprises. I like this month as well. Happy Birthday and enjoy!

  4. Good to see you enjoying summer! Any plans for your birthday? I live in greece and unfortunately I happen to hate the heat and the relentless sunshine 🙁 But oh well, I’m gonna try to enjoy it anyways!

  5. I like summer, but I’m sitting here in Oklahoma and my AC is broke. My kids are super cranky because they are hot. July is not off to a good start here haha.

  6. July is a good month, mid-summer!!!
    This year July is awesome for me, I’m on vacation right now in WA State and then I go home for a few days and head back out on another vacation to CA… I haven’t had two vacations in summer ever, so it’s special this July…
    I’m happy you’re having an amazing July! It must be amazing living where you are ; )

  7. Love July, Love Summer, Love the beautiful season. Everyday new outfit, new trend, and so many colors to try. I cannot be happier in any time other than summer. I am with you on this!

  8. Yes yes to keeping it simple and just enjoying life! That’s what summers are all for, just taking in the little things. Looking forward to less time inside, and more time just admiring nature.

  9. I’m definitely a beach person; I can spend 24/7 on the water with my feet in the sand! For some reason, nothing can beat the tranquility of the ocean waves and salty sea air!

  10. I love that you said not waking up early was a blessing, which is such a little thing, but a huge thing in our lives! Love it


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