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January is gone, and I can honestly say for the whole month, I have applied my two words: self-accountability and enthusiasm in anything.  It was a long month with a lot of ups and downs.  I have done everything with joy, positive intent, and enthusiasm.  Each week, I have held myself accountable to exercise at least 3 times and write 2 posts.  I am planning to continue this way and I will share an update every month.

Manatee Viewing Center

Last Wednesday1/31/2018, my husband and I escaped to Tampa.  We wanted to come since last August when we were in Orlando and visited this beautiful town for only 1 day.  It’s been a while since we have traveled just the two of us. We were pleased to leave the cold behind even if it’s for two days.

I love the sea, and it brings me peace and joy (Davis Island, Tampa, Fl)

We have enjoyed our time and we’ve been meeting great people and we are falling in Love with Tampa.

I find beauty in the wonders of nature (Davis Island, Tampa, Fl)

Today it’s our last day, we have been trying to take in as much as we can.  Our last adventure was walking the boardwalk, taking as much sun and warmth before heading to the cold weather in New-Jersey.

Enjoying our last day in Tampa (Davis Island, Tampa, Fl)

Have you we reflected on how January went for you?  Have you taken steps to achieve your goals for 2018?  Are you keeping up with your resolution?  Let me remind you, it’s not too late, you still have some time to make it better and do what you like.  Remember to put a little pinch of joy, enthusiasm, and positivity in everything you do.  Have a wonderful month of February.

Let me know what have you done in January and what’s your plan to make February better.


  1. Congrats on your maintaining your weekly blogging and exercising. I did pretty good with my objectives in January too. My mother lives outside of Tampa. Florida is a beautiful place.

  2. I live in south florida, and I love the weather here during the winter. Although the summer is long, hot, humid. It’s still pretty though! Ha. I’m so glad you were able to take a trip together, it’s refreshing to get away for a bit. I’ve been proud of myself for being able to stick to my resolutions thus far and I’m encouraged by you to continue doing so.

    • Thank you, Hannah, I am glad to hear that you are sticking to your resolutions, I am positive that you will continue that way.

  3. I love how mindful you are, trying to do things with enthusiasm really got to me. January was a kind of a rollercoaster for me. When I finally saw success with what I do, it made me so happy but then if it’s not perfect all the time I lose that enthusiasm which is bad.
    I’m glad to hear your month was good and that you got to have a little Florida summer, which is always great 🙂

    • Narkis, whenever you are doubting or losing your enthusiasm, remember all the things you have achieved and that should motivate you.

  4. Great work sticking with your goals when many people have given up by the time January is over! Looks like you had a lovely time in Tampa, I’m freezing here in New England and would love to escape this cold even if only for a day!

    • I am back in the freezing weather, Caitlin, I am trying my best to keep up with my goals, it’s not easy, but I will not give up.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you have created the perfect start to your year. Congratulations on holding yourself accountable and for sticking to your goals- seems like 2018 is going to treat you well! So glad you’ve had a relaxing and warm trip to Tampa. Here’s to many more travels and a whole lot of joy!

  6. I still want to feel we are in January 😛 may be because there are so many things I want to do and the time seems to be running. Really happy to read you post and know that you are sticking to your goals and had a fun trip .

    • Kapila,
      I hope you accomplish all the things you wanted to do in January this month. You probably had a very productive month that’s why you did not realize it’s gone. Happy month of February.

  7. I love the Tampa area! I grew up a couple hours south of there and fly into the Tampa airport all the time to go visit family. I absolutely love the Florida Gulf Coast! I didn’t do as great in January, we have had unseasonably cold weather (as most of the country has) and it leaves me with no motivation to workout.

  8. That is so awesome your husband and you got to go out and explore Tampa as just the two of you. Weekends away are the best. My January was fantastic and I am looking forward to a great February!


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