Welcome 2019


January 2019

Welcome to 2019, a year filled with hope, joy, and desire to fulfill new dreams.  As I am about to start another chapter of my life, I am thankful for all that I have accomplished in 2018 and I am opened and ready for new growth.

Apollo Beach, Florida

Once again, I am not making any new year resolutions as I often fail to fulfill them.  Just like I did last year, I am going to select two words to use as a daily affirmation to help me live a rewarded life.  Self-accountability and Enthusiasm were my selected two words for 2018 and they helped me tremendously in my quest to grow and learn.

These past few days, I made an assessment of my life and saw what I failed to do in 2018.  I came to the conclusion that I can still enjoy my life in a more mindful way.  I must think and learn to save more.  Therefore, to think and to save will be the two verbs that I will refer to this year in order to live a successful 2019 year.

Think: I am a very impulsive person.  Sometimes, I make some decisions that if I took one minute to think, the outcomes would have been so different.  I tend to say yes too quickly and I have a hard time to say no. Thinking before committing myself will definitely help me.

Save: It took me all these years to finally admit that I am a huge spender and I need to remediate.  Thinking will help me spend mindfully, and I will save.

For 2019, I will take an extra minute to think and I am confident that mindful thinking will help me succeed.  Each month, I will share my progress with you and we will learn from each other.

Regardless your resolutions, goals for this year, never stop fighting to achieve them.  Each step taken will bring you closer to them.

Here to a successful new year.  Happy and Healthy 2019

Xoxo, Marjie


  1. Those are some great words for the year! My husband and I sat down together a few days ago to set our business goals. I still need to decide on what I want to accomplish this year personally.

    • I am going to follow a lot of your tips, Stephanie, like for instance, eat out less, and I am confident, I will succeed.

  2. I don’t set resolutions either, as I feel they just set you up for failure as they are often about restricting yourself. I set goals but I also like the word of the year trend. I really love the words you have chose for yourself this year.

  3. I agree that taking little steps to achieve your goal is best. I have a simple motto for 2019 and that is don’t quit. Hopefully I will stick to it. Thank you for the post

    • The goal of improving oneself is always the best. I am always trying to be a better version of myself on a daily basis. May you be successful, Inggrid!

  4. That’s a good idea to alternate from the usual New Year resolutions. I also speak on how to successfully achieve your resolutions on my blog and I also mentioned to make them achievable, which is exactly what you did!

  5. I like your method of simplicity. Sometimes creating those small adjustments like that can make huge differences in our daily lives. Good luck in 2019!

  6. Yes yes, my word for this year is fearless. It’s time to do all of the things I’m scared to do or have been avoiding. A big toast to reaching for redesigning life and expanding our comfort zones.

  7. I’m not a huge spender but do like to splurge on great family & experiences BUT I also try to save in my investment vehicles as much as I can. I gotta up the ante this year as well.

  8. I’m a spender, too. While I have made huge improvements with my financial accountability, I know I have more work to do. I’m going to incorporate this into my goals, too!

  9. I spend a lot of money too and every year I am trying hard to spend less and more meaningful. I hope this year to spend less and to save more money to take a few trips.


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