We can make a difference


Every day we have an opportunity to do and to be better.  Each of us can impact the world in a positive way.   Albert Schweitzer stated, “the purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others”.  

We are so busy in our own closed bubble that we forget to connect with our loved ones.  Sometimes, we don’t even know the inner turmoil that someone residing in the same home with us is going through.

What if we decide to lend a hand to our friends, family members, and our neighbors?  It does not mean to give them our entire life.  A simple phone call could make a difference in someone’s lonely day.  A simple smile could brighten a stranger’s life.  A little word of encouragement could help someone win one of his many fights.

Often, we assume that people are okay.  From the exterior, we see they are functioning but in reality, they are just pretending, they are dying to have a lifting hand.  People around us are crying for help but we fail to hear them.

After reading my post, let’s make a commitment to reach out to our family members and friends.  We can let them know they are not alone in their battles.  Let them know they can count on us.  Let’s make a pledge to reach out and reconnect.

The world needs us.


  1. Sometimes we tend to forget this. As we are constantly in a hurry and we always have lots of work to do, we sometimes simply forget that small things and gestures can really make a big difference.

  2. I love this reminder. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and our immediate family. I try to reach out to friends, even through facebook messenger just to say hi but it’s been a long time.

  3. Lovely post to inspire us to be more considerate to others. We can become so taken up with our own problems that it is easy to forget we are all in this together.

  4. This is so true. With all the recent passings of notable celebrities I think it’s a reminder to everyone to take the time to check in and connect with their loved one’s. I also find that I feel happier when I don’t just get wrapped up in myself.

  5. True We often too busy with our daily lives that we forgot about others. We need to reach out to let them know that we have been thinking about them. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. I often go through my phone and send texts to friends just saying hi. My husband wonders how I use so many texts each month but I am keeping in touch with people!

  7. I am pretty good with connecting with people back home. But it’s my neighbors and people in the town I live in that I am terrible at connecting with. It’s definitely something I need to focus on!

    • Angela, one day, one person at a time. The other day after dropping my daughter to school, I stopped and had a small talk with the crossing guard, just say hello and have a good day, and her smile back at me was rewarding.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. It’s 100% true. Sometimes I need those words to lift me up. I can by dying inside, but look fine on the outside. Always raise up those around you and take the time to call your friends and family.

  9. This is a lovely reminder! You are absolutely right, we need to take some time to reach out to friends and family and say hello. I literally just did that a week ago, because I felt that since having my baby a couple months ago. I got so wrapped up in my bubble that I disconnected from my friends and relatives, well mostly friends. Needless to say, they appreciated the call 🙂

  10. “Often, we assume that people are okay. From the exterior, we see they are functioning but in reality, they are just pretending, they are dying to have a lifting hand. People around us are crying for help but we fail to hear them.”
    So true, I love this. I often say it’s one of the effects of social media only looking at the exterior, at the “pretty pictures” and we end up not thinking there might be something entirely different going on with people.

  11. This is so true. One smile can make a large difference.
    I went for a walk a few days ago and a random lady smiled and said good morning. That made me smile the entire day and i couldn’t stop talking about how sweet her gesture was.

  12. I loved your post! These are such great words, we need to really make a conscience effort to tear away from what we feel we have to do and just be with family and friends.

  13. Such a great reminder…I’m constantly living in my bubble and need to break out of it and make it a point to reach out to my loved ones more frequently.

  14. I loved this and it is so true. Just today I shared how much a little thank you note I wrote to my junior high VBS volunteer meant to her and to her family. I almost didn’t write it as it was the last day of VBS and I had forgotten to write the note the night before. My 3 year old wouldn’t get dressed and we were running late but I quickly wrote down my gratitude. A few weeks later I receive a note from the girls aunt letting me know how thrilled her niece was to receive my note!

    • Absolutely, Jennifer, the little things can have a huge impact. I am grateful for everything and make sure to let people know.

  15. It is so true that not everything is how it looks like. We should be aware and concern to ask someone how they feel and really listen to help them the best we can. This is a nice reminder. Thanks for sharing.


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