Third Sunday of December 2019


Christmas is in the air and you can feel it in my house.   I love everything about this gorgeous season, the songs, the colors, the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere.

The natural colors of this magical season

This magical time of the year calls for beautiful dinnerware, candlelight, and plenty of colors.

Setting my table truly makes me happy.  Sharing it with you brings me more happiness.  Every Sunday, I try something simple, something new, something more colorful.    Most importantly, I take time to enjoy these simple pleasures with my family.

First Sunday of December 2019 tablescape



Third Sunday of December 2019 Tablescape

Wherever you are, take time to enjoy the moment, create memories, and spread love.

I was blessed to spend time with my family on Christmas day.  Here is the look of our table setting.

Let me know what you love the most about this magical time of the year. 


  1. I agree, even though it’s a crazy time of the year with so much going on with the kids, I love this season. Everyone seems to be in such a good mood, we make a lot of delicious treats together. And just the time spent with family is so precious.

  2. Seeing this reminds me of Christmas in Nee Jersey as a big family. The settings are beautiful. I may try this for our first Christmas together in our new house.

  3. Such pretty tablescapes. I wish sometime we can do that at home, but my kids are not the ones who would sit still and eat a nice, relaxed meal. We are a rowdy bunch when it comes to dinnertime. Haha.

  4. How I love these settings and decorations, I love creating and matching colors in my home too. This year, I decided to leave aside the most common Xmas patterns of green, red and gold and making my Xmas Pink and violet 😉

  5. Such beautiful settings and decorations. I love decorating this time of year and spending time with my family. Just putting the tree up brightens my whole holiday season!

  6. I love the tablescapes that you showed, even if they are actually quite different both of them are so visually pleasing! We did not go out too much this year when it comes to decor, just used what we did last year, because we all are so busy – and then the kids got the flu. But next year, I want to go all out again, lol

    Blessings and Happy Holidays!

  7. The holidays are truly a beautiful time to gather with friends and family for a great meal. I’m loving those fabulous place settings you shared.


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