There is beauty in serving and giving to others


As a nurse and mother, I have it in me to serve others and nothing brings me more joy than dedicating myself to make others achieve their happiness.  Last week during a nursing convention in Indianapolis, I met some great nurses and one of them invite me to help her with her chapter induction ceremony, of course, I said yes.

Serving others without measure can fulfill you in unimaginable ways. You may think that your action is minimal, but never underestimate that our small deed can change someone’s life or perspectives for the best.

Often, we think that we are too busy to reach out to someone and help, or we simply leave that task to others. We tend to forget that our main purpose in life is to give and serve.

Well, when I offered my help last week, I was not expecting it to be bitterly cold outside. After living in Jersey for almost two decades, facing the cold weather still remains challenging. All I want to do is staying home with a hot cup of tea and a book.

Overcoming any type of challenges makes life more meaningful. Seeing my friend, and being there to help her brought warmth to my heart.

When you feel down or helpless, simply remember that we rise by lifting others; find someone to help and it will bring you joy and happiness.


  1. I think being available to others is so important. I have taken a step back these past few years but I am ready to step out and volunteer again. It is so rewarding and this is encouraging

    • I can relate to that Ray, there are times, we are at our lowest point, helping out to someone makes us feel worthwhile.

    • That is wonderful April and so well said. Whenever you are doing something with love and enthusiasm, it will bring you the purest joy.

    • Jill,
      I care for people on a daily basis, and I have realized that I am never tired of doing so, it’s just simply rewarding.

  2. First off I’d like to say thank you for being a nurse! I have been in and out of the hospital due to my Wilson’s Disease and I have bonded with nurses who have really helped me out during those tough times. You all truly make a difference!
    After my near death experience I have noticed just how precious life is and the most important thing in the world are PEOPLE! People helping others out of the kindness of their heart is the most wonderful, beautiful, joyful acts ever. I’m happy to read this post, great job! ; )

    • Eloise,
      Thank you for your feedback, caring for others is my true calling. May this year brings you health, joy, and happiness.

  3. Helping others can do so much for your soul. There is so much truth in that and I need to find the time to do this more.

  4. This is so relevant in today’s world not enough people are giving! as tony robbins said, “The secret to living is giving.”


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