The Perfect Sunday Brunch


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To celebrate my first anniversary in Tampa, yesterday I decided to have my friends over for brunch. Besides the option of serving it as a buffet-style, I always love the idea of brunch as the possibilities are limitless, a delicious combination of breakfast and lunch ideas.

I welcome my guests with these delightful mimosas cranberry and orange


Cranberry Mimosa

Orange Mimosa


1 bottle Prosecco

3 cups cranberry juice

3 Tbs grenadine syrup

1 cup craisins dried cranberries


In a pitcher or carafe, pour the craisins, the grenadine syrup, and the cranberry juice.  Keep them chilled until ready to serve.  Add the prosecco right before serving.


3 cups of orange juice

1 orange

1 bottle dry champagne

½ cup orange liquor


Peel the orange Slice it.  Add orange in the pitcher or carafe, then add liquor and orange juice.  Keep them chilled.  Add champagne before serving.


I thought it would be nice to have the dishes labeled as this will save me time telling everyone what each dish was as they were serving themselves.

These cute chalkboard labels gave a little charm to my buffet decor.


I served my homemade waffles with maple syrup and a homemade berries syrup that I placed in these cute containers.

To make my table look fancier and ensure that my guests feel more welcome, I had a personalized place for each of them using these simple seating name tags.

We had such a wonderful afternoon, and the food was delicious.

I am grateful for these amazing ladies that I came over to celebrate with me.  I added this soap in a little thank you bag for each of them.

Cheer to more beautiful years in Tampa!


  1. Amazing anniversary to you Marjie! You really had the brunch all planned out so well: I love the whole theme going on. It must have been such fun with amazing ladies by your side, right?

  2. This brunch looks lovely! I plan on trying out the orange mimosa recipe soon. I know it’s going to be delicious! I hope you had a great time at your brunch!

  3. This looks so fancy!! I love the chalkboard signs. I bought some for my daughter’s graduation party and I have re-used them many times. They are quite handy! Since them I found some chalkboard ribbon, but I am not really sure how to use that! Maybe an idea will strike me eventually.


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