The choice is yours


Our life is the result of the daily decisions simple or complex that we make.  Some of us act automatically without taking time to put things into perspectives.  Certain decisions can have consequences that affect our lives negatively.

Too often, we make those unfortunate choices just to please a friend or to escape our reality.  We tend to forget that we can’t go back in time to undo our choices.  We will have to live out the consequences of our choices.   Even out of desperation, I do believe that one second of deep reflection can keep us from making poor decisions.

Pause, think twice, then choose wisely

Next time you are facing a difficult situation, do not rush to make an impulsive decision that you might regret at the end.   Remember we are what we choose to be, therefore, pause, think twice, and select the option that will bring us peace, joy, and a clear conscious.


  1. It’s so true, that even the smallest decision can end up having a large impact on our lives. I’ve made a few rash decisions that I regret, but also some that turned out to be great choices as well.

    • Thanks for your feedback Stephanie. Sometimes we wish we can turn back time, but unfortunately, this will never happen. Therefore we must learn from our mistakes and grow. Even a simple word can change a situation to the worst outcomes. I am still learning to pause, think before acting. Life is our best teacher.

  2. We all need to be conscious that the all of the decisions we make have an impact on our lives. Making sure that you are careful in making decisions will help protect you from repercussions of a bad decision.

    • Thanks for your feedback Jessica. So many times, we question ourselves on why we behaved a certain way. Only one second of thinking can help us make a better decision.

  3. Though I totally believe in following our instincts, I’m right there with you when it comes to grounding our decisions before we put them into the action. Such a great reminder to act with care and respect for the consequences of our choices.

  4. Wow, these are really good life lessons. For all ages too. It’s funny, things we say to our children, we sometimes forget to follow. You’re right- taking a moment to think before acting is a BIG DEAL!

    • Tonya for your comment. We know what to do, too often we do the opposite. I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying this beautiful holiday season, and think twice before taking any decision.

  5. yes! life is full of choices every single day! with the more difficult choices it’s always wise to think a little longer before acting (you know?! the sleep on it phrase!) : )
    great advice! I always do my best to think about how it will effect others and myself before acting!

    • Thanks for your feedback Ananda!
      I agree with you, we are not only impacting our own lives but those of people around us, so we must be mindful.


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