Sweet and Spicy Cheese Ball for a perfect Friday Night


The holiday season is about family and creating memories.  I can’t have any big gatherings due to the current circumstance.   I decided to have a movie night with my loved ones while enjoying cheese and wine.

One of my friends from my book club has shared her onion-cranberry-pecan cheese recipe with me.  Tonight, I decided to give it a try and spice it up with some pepper flakes.  It was the highlight of my cheese board.


This is what you need to make your own onion-cranberry-pecan cheese ball

8 oz cream cheese softened

2 cups mozzarella shredded cheese

¼ cup green onion shredded

1 cup craisins

1 cup pecans chopped and toasted

¼ chopped parsley (I used parsley flakes)

¼ tsp pepper flakes


Leave the cream cheese out for about 1 hr.

Stir together the cream cheese and the mozzarella shredded cheese until they are evenly combined.

Mix the Craisins, green onions, parsley, and pepper flakes.  Form the cheese into a ball.

Spread the pecan in a sheet.


Roll the cheese ball on the pecans until it’s completely coated with pecans.

Cover the cheese ball in a plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6 hours before serving.

This cheese ball will be the center of my cheese platter.

Wherever you are, be safe, be well, and Happy Holiday Season!


  1. You got me at spicy I love the combination with the nuts, and of course, cheese is my guilty pleasure. Nice appetizer and cheese board!

    • I am not a great chef, but it’s so fun when I make something delicious and I tell myself, you are a chef in your own kitchen!

  2. You just hit it dear. My son loves cheese balls and I always buy them online. Now I can prepare at home. So glad you shared the recipe.

  3. What a wonderful idea! Just like you, we also can’t afford to go out and attend gatherings due to the pandemic. So, this is really a great way to make the night special. Super love your glasses. So festive and perfect for the season.

  4. I can’t help staring at your spread, which is perfect for an evening of Netflix marathon, with wine and a good companion. Amazing and you did an awesome job 🙂

  5. The cheese ball looks so delicious, it is definitely the center piece of the cheese platter. I can imagine your guests were very happy tasting it.


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