Solo date at the beach


This past year, navigating single life has made me realize how much I need to connect with myself.  After being a wife and a mother for so long, now a single woman, I feel like I need to date myself first and enjoy all the simple pleasures independently.    Honestly, I am also learning how empowering it is to be comfortable with my own company.  This past Thursday, I had my second solo date at Lido Key Beach and it was a beautiful experience.  The day called for adventure, perfect weather, a smooth drive on I-75, and blasting my new Spotify playlist.  Why did I wait so long for such an amazing experience?

I arrived around lunchtime and found myself in a peaceful corner.  I spent the day breathing fresh air, feeling the sand under my feet, bathing under the sun, and listening to the sound of the waves while reading my book.  It was pure joy and serenity, and I guess it’s true that salted water heals everything.

I left the beach around 530pm, feeling lighter and happier.  Before heading back home, I decided to treat myself to dinner at Crab and Finn.  I chose to sit outside to keep connecting with nature. I selected the crepes Aubergine as an appetizer and the pasta di mare for my entrée.  Everything was absolutely delicious.

Crepes Aubergine
Pasta di mare

It’s puzzling to see how I only live for my kids, family, and friends, and never have taken a solo moment to enjoy life alone.  Now, that my kids are grown, and my divorce is almost final, my goal is to stretch myself and do all the things that I enjoyed doing with others alone.   I am learning to prioritize myself, reminding myself that I am important.  That second solo date at the beach was the perfect time for me to recharge, relax, and reflect.  Nothing can stop me now; I am already anticipating my third solo date.



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