September 2020, let the struggles be our gifts


Although we are still attempting to live through the new norms created by Covid-19, it is still a struggle for many to adapt.   Back to school is not as seamless as it used to be as a lot of parents are opting for online learning for the children.  We have to keep wearing our masks and keep our distances.  Without hands shaking and hugs, greeting friends are no longer as warm as they used to be.  Many are still out of work and are dealing with financial issues.

This month, as I reflect on how Covid-19 has impacted our lives, I have decided to turn all my struggles into gifts.  Regardless of what I am going through, I will not let it take me down, but I will find a way to conquer it.

If you are reading my post today, I hope you can take a look at your own struggles and turn them into strengths or gifts as well.

Time is still uncertain, and we have to live our lives as normally as we can. It’s not going to be easy as we must leave our comfort zone and do things differently.  Learning is an active and continual process.  If we keep that in mind, we will overcome any challenges.

May we become better this month. Let’s speak from the heart and share our stories to inspire others.  Let’s appreciate the time with our loved ones and keep in touch with those who are far.  Let’s enjoy every single minute and realize the present moment is truly our gift.

Have a blessed month of September 2020.


  1. You are right that remaining under our new normal is not going to be easy. So many are getting weary of this new life for good reason. But we still have to stay positive or it will destroy us. September is going to be a bumpy ride for our family, but we’ve got it! Staying positive and encouraging to each other helps the tone, which helps us to thrive no matter what the circumstances are around us!

  2. This is so overwhelming. Our life has changed so much because of this pandemic that sometimes it’s just frustrating. It’s like repeating the day everyday for a large amount of time. I hope we can get through this.

  3. I didn’t know in America people are deciding to keep kids at home for online learning! Here in England everyone’s gone back 😉

  4. I was just thinking about this a few moments ago. The economy is crashing, there’s a hike in prices and people have financial issues. It’s really overwhelming but with Christ on our side, we will overcome.

  5. Such a beautiful reminder. It’s important that we still count our blessings even through the toughest times. We can past this trial and conquer!

  6. Yes, it’s been difficult coping with the new norm. I work in a covid unit and it has been crazy. It’s been hard to navigate wanting to explore and experience things like I used to .

  7. When I was young and no experience in life, I thought how unfair that I experienced hardships in life. After a few years of being patient, now I can look back and can proudly say that struggles are the best thing that happened to me. It made me a better person I am proudly now.
    We all need to struggle and find our own way up!

  8. I start my day thanking God for waking me up and keeping my family safe through the night. This pandemic is wrecking havoc on my mental well being. I try my best to keep busy, stay positive and not watch the news.

  9. What a wonderful uplifting post Marjie. Most people play the poor me, this is so hard game. However, we are all in this together. This is a new way of life we have to learn how to navigate. Think of the ways you are struggling and find a way to fix it.


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