September 2019, change is in the air!


I guess I was still holding onto August.  I was closing my eyes tight and did not want to admit it was September 2019.  I can no longer hide; I have to move on with time.3

The summer is changing into fall, the leaves will turn red, and it’s going to be cooler.   As everything around us is changing, we must let go of anything that is holding us behind. It’s time to open the door and make space for what matters the most.

This month of September, I am determined and inspired to embrace changes.  Once again, I am pausing to reassess my life and see how I can finish this year in beauty. I am in charge and will not let the circumstances rule my life.

Although change is uncomfortable, it is inevitable.  Our attitude is what will help us navigate through it.

It’s a new month and we are transitioning into a new season.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate what’s around us.   Let’s honor the changes coming into our lives.  Most importantly, let’s be patient and ready to grow.


Remember to always reach out to someone. We are in this together and let’s make this month count!

Happy month of September 2019!


  1. I am going to do some changes by the beginning of the year, one of them being moving to a new country, which is always stressful. I guess we need to embrace change and work towards getting comfortable with it rather than being afraid of it.

  2. It looks so beautiful out there. I wish California would have that kind of Change in the air. We still have hot almost to the end of October. Right around Halloween things start to cool down. It’s crazy.

  3. You are so right, it’s about how you react to changes that really determines where you stand. We don’t really get changing leaves where I live, but I can’t wait for the brutal heat to go away so my son and I can start riding bikes to school again.

  4. I’m learning to appreciate and love all of the seasons also and not just summer. Such beauty unfolds in winter time. As well as cosy nights in watching a film. Thank you for sharing.

  5. So sad summer is gone. I do love the fall, but miss the lengthy days of summer. However, it is a good time to reflect as there are still days you can sit outside and relax.

  6. A change of seasons is always a fantastic and refreshing time, except in Florida. In Florida our Seasons are Hot, Hotter, OMG I’m Gonna Die , and then our one day of winter (usually in the month you call February). Sadly, the two of our H seasons that are bearable involves the swarming of Love Bugs 🐜. Luckily, for most, I usually drive about the state and collect them on the front of my vehicle so others do not have to risk damaging the paint on their cars 🚗. I’m good that way. I do honestly miss the true seasons up North from time to time, but the thought of shoveling snow and scraping ice from my windshield helps me to enjoy the heat. 😓 BTW: Up North, Fall & Spring were always my favorites. Kind of a beginning and an end.


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