Proud to be a nurse


Nursing found me as I have never planned to go to nursing school.  When I moved to the United States, I was hoping to find a job as an accountant as that was my background. At that time, I did not know that my strong accent would have been a handicap in my job search.

One day, my friend suggested that I enrolled with her in the LPN program. I followed her advice and did and was accepted into the program.  After a year of struggles and sacrifice, I became a practical nurse.  I fell deeply in love with that noble profession that I decided to pursue my degree in nursing further and went for my BSN.

I discovered that caring for others was always my true calling.  I’ve seen it all and I have given my patients all the best.  Being a nurse has changed me.  I have found true joy in being there to meet other’s needs in their time of despair.

Every day is an opportunity to make someone’s life better and I have done it with compassion, joy, and selflessness.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been learning, growing, serving, and helping others.  I will not change those endless hours on my feet for anything.  The journey is still ongoing and the possibilities are still endless. I am proud to be a nurse.


  1. Thank you for all you do as a nurse. You play such an important role in people’s lives at a time when they’re most vulnerable and in need of care and compassion. Nurses don’t get enough appreciation.

  2. I have so much respect for those in careers such as nursing and teaching. They are such important jobs and not everyone is cut out for it. I could do the teaching, but I don’t think I would last long as a nurse. I’m glad you found your calling!

    • So true Stephanie, my older daughter at first wanted to become a nurse, now she realizes her calling is for Speech Pathology.

  3. I am glad that you followed the great advice from a friend. I think that it is good that you found something that you obviously love doing. I appreciate the sacrifice that you have made and wish you nothing but success going forward.

  4. This was really interesting, how we think we know what life has come for us, and then it all becomes different… I do believe that everything is for the better, so I’m really glad for you that you found nursing.

  5. Thank you for following your passions. What an amazing profession and major accomplishment. I’m sure you are a wonderful nurse because you are so passionate about the role.


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