Pause, Breathe, Stretch

As a mother of two, a wife, a full-time nurse, and a daughter, I have to attend the needs of everyone and often I wish I had an extra hour but I know it’s impossible.  Therefore, in the midst of my crazy day, when I am juggling several activities and wondering how will I accomplish them all, I always take the time to pause and breathe. 

Thinking of summer, and my flowers are always on my mind

During that one-minute pause, I reflect on my morning and give myself some praise for doing well and going that far. That pause helps me get myself back into the positive framework to restart and finish the day.  As it’s cold now, I can’t go for a walk, I close my eyes and picture something pleasant that brings me peace and joy, either the beach or my flowers during summertime.  I have the pictures of my two kids in my office, before and after any meeting, I pause, focus on them, smile, and most of the time that helps alleviate my stress.

Taking the time to pause and breathe for a moment when we are tense is essential to help us relax and we will be able to come up with better ideas and we will achieve the most of our agenda.

As you are reading this today, I hope you create the habit of taking a pause, stretch, and breathe to recharge yourself during down and stressful cycles of life.  That powerful minute of pause will help you move forward and increase your productivity.


  1. I am a firm believer that we all need a little pause. How can we be best to anyone else if we aren’t best to ourselves first. I am so glad to see someone else believes in a pause in life.

  2. I love the way everyone looks after themselves like you, rest and your mind will be at peace. I love flowers, beautiful photos!

  3. Good for you for finding that tranquil moment in a crazy day. I do the same, usually I grab a cup of my favorite cappuccino in the afternoons and savor a few minutes to myself. My boys are pretty good about giving me that tiny amount of time when they see me with my coffee cup in hand.

  4. I always need to be reminded of this. I just started reading Breathe by Priscilla Shirer and it is helping me remember how important rest is. And I always feel better, for sure!

    • I am going to try to find that book, Lisa, thanks for mentioning. I also have a reminder in my office to take a moment to pause and breathe.

  5. Great reminder that you are important too. I often take 15-20 minuets to read a few chapters if I can squeeze it in before making dinner. I often feel guilty because there is so much else I could be doing right then, but I need to think about myself and not just everyone else.

  6. Such truth! Pausing is so essential. I try to do this ever so often, but it can sometimes go over my head when I’m so busy juggling everything! Taking a nice walk sounds like a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. This is so great am so glad I have seen your post. I needed a reminder as I tend to want to do everything and never just take a moment for me. Thank you!

  8. This is such a great tip, especially for those looking to practice mindfulness. Since I work from home, I often take a moment to go outside and gaze as the beauty of nature.

  9. I love the idea of taking a moment here and there to pause..

    I feel like any time I have a free moment, it is about work, cleaning, getting things done. I will definitely have to think about this next time I have some spare time!

  10. I definitely am thankful for this reminder to stop and pause. My life used to be so busy before I moved and now I am truly thankful for the moments of pause. I had to do that today when I made myself go out and do something I love to do. This is definitely very important, thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you for this post. I sometimes forget to just pause and rest. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do this more for myself.

  12. Pausing and just stepping back to take a breath is SO important! Especially for a woman like you! You’re a mother and a nurse! That alone is so busy and demanding! I applaud you!

  13. This is such an important thing to remember. It’s so easy to get swept up in life and forget to take a second to actually appreciate everything in it! This is a great post. 🙂

  14. Taking some time to appreciate the little things – that is something so important, and I try to ensure I do it everyday.. and consciously noting it down makes me remember to do it too

  15. As a mom, one can get very busy but it’s so important to take time and unwind. My mom goes for a massage or has a home spa day which leaves her so refreshed.

  16. As a mom of three crazy boys, I love this! I’m always forgetting to take a second for myself to just breathe. It’s so important for us parents to be more mindful about taking care of our needs too!

  17. Fantastic sentiment and maybe I should make this my word for 2019- Pause! I love this poem by William Henry Davies- Oh what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare!

  18. Several times in the day, I press my “pause” button. It does help a lot to relieve the stress. However, my only issue is that there are 3 other people who follow me around and immediately press the “start” button. Ugh.


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