Only this moment matters


Life is a magnificent journey, a wonderful gift that some of us are taking for granted.  Often, we are waiting for extraordinary things to happen, and we forget that an extraordinary life is made of those little moments or actions lived or taken daily. We are waiting for the right time or for great opportunities to occur. Any meaningful moments are made of quick and genuine decision or small and painful steps. We let time pass by waiting for the perfect moment. There is no perfect moment, opportunities are created by taking a risk, putting dedication, enthusiasm and giving our best. Those great moments are created by seconds, minutes of appreciation, sometimes tears. The perfect time does not exist, but only right now, this moment matters.  We are waiting for tomorrow which is not promised to us. We close our eyes and we realize that it’s too late, the time has passed us by, and we are swallowed by regrets. Let us grab this moment with our heart, let us enjoy this instant and make the most of it. Let us travel and see the world. Let us help and lift one another and make the day count.

Let us do what makes our hearts smile. Keep smiling, keep pushing, keep hoping and in the end, we will realize that we had an extraordinary, meaningful, and beautiful life. Then we will leave this earth knowing that we did our best, we did what mattered to us.


  1. It is important to always have a positive outlook on life and I always appreciate reading all your optimistic messages on your blog. I think several people are stuck on in a dark place and like to dwell on the past so so I think reading your blog can help shine light on their lives. Thank you for your positive message and I look forward to your next post.

    • Thank you so much for your kind word Melody. I am a firm believer that we are on this earth to help and support each other. Sometimes, one kind word, one gesture can change someone’s life. Let’s be the light that will shine the path of those in darkness. Let’s bring hope to those that are doubting. Let’s keep spreading positive energy.

  2. Absolutely pleasing to the eyes, edifiying to the soul, Now that some of our Elected in DC are engaging in all out war on the poor, the voiceless, the elderly, your spirituality , and caring words remind us , of the beauty in being our sisters and brothers keeper.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is a must for me to learn something new and give to others on a daily basis. If my words can lift someone, I reach my goal. Being there and helping others bring joy and happiness to me.

  3. I love this outlook on everything. We definitely take things for granted sometimes and it’s important to slow down and take time to appreciate what we have. I like how you also comment that we have to create our own opportunities, they don’t always just come knocking on our doors!

  4. Yes! Living in the moment is the key! Too often we are too busy living in the past or even in the future – now is all that matters and when we learn to recognize that and have joy in the moment, our lives will improve.

  5. I absolutely love your outlook….you have such a sense of happiness about you. We have to live in the moment and enjoy what life brings us…

  6. This is so true! So often we find ourselves saying “I’ll be happy when X happens” or “I’ll do this when X happens” and we are wishing our lives away. We need to stay in the moment and find our happiness in the everyday.

  7. Thanks for sharing this thought. This is an eye opener for me, as I am always rushing and thinking about tomorrow. I will make sure to enjoy this holiday season and live in the present moment. L.

  8. beautiful message! i love the book ” the power of now” and what you wrote is something we all need to remember daily- only right now, this moment matters! make the best of it!

    • Ananda, thanks for your feedback. “The power of now” is such a great book, I had to pause several times to appreciate the content. Have a blessed day. Marjie

  9. I could not agree with you more. There will never be a “perfect time” for anything. Appreciating and being happy with what you have in your life now makes a happy person. Making the right moves to make your future better is what can secure that happiness and anything in addition to that is a bonus!

  10. I totally agree. Sometimes taking risk is better than sitting still, waiting hopefully for some luckiness. Opportunities only come when we seek for them so let’s do what we want and not regret it!

    • Linh,
      Thanks for your feedback. We must seek new opportunities and regardless the outcomes learn from them. Have a great day. Marjie

  11. That’s a positive outlook on life ( which is always beneficial and helpful in making the best of it ‘being happy’) Life is so precious and fast that doing what you love and living with a good heart is important! love your view!

    • Thena, thanks for your feedback. Like you, I am a positive person and take the time to enjoy each moment. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  12. Living in the moment truly is vital because time just goes by soooo quickly. I do my best to live in the moment and relish every aspect of life, and honestly, I feel better for it!

  13. What a beautiful reminder! Every time I look at my son, I am amazed to see the passage of time and I long to make time stand still before he becomes a teenager. It’s so easy to get lost in the to-do lists and work stresses.

  14. Knowing we did our best is so important. Sometimes it’s hard to feel that way especially when fighting depression but taking the time to still enjoy the moment makes a difference.

  15. Easier said than done but a positive outlook is indeed very important for the quality of our lives Marjie! This was the perfect reminder, and perfect timing as well, push harder and keep hoping <3 beautifully said!

  16. I try to live in the moment to experience things as they are happening. I feel there is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes you need to just experience the moment and then other times are when you plan ahead.

  17. I couldnt agree any more to what you said about the outlook towards life. Life is too short to waste it thinking about the past or worrying about the future. The essence of life is in the moment.


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