October 2019, let’s be inspired and inspire others


Besides the cooler weather and earlier sunsets, October has been my special month for the past 23 years as I celebrate my daughter’s birthday. On a beautiful and colorful Thursday like today, I gave birth to my firstborn, my lovely daughter Youricka. Being a mother has been so fulfilling that I am giving Him thanks every day.  Despite all the tears, the frustrations, and the doubt, motherhood has been my most rewarding role in life.

My daughter Youricka, Sonesta Maho Beach, St Marteen, July 2019

Aside from being thankful and celebrating my daughter’s birthday, I tend to be more productive in October.  Knowing the year is coming to an end soon gives me the strength to take on more projects and finish all the goals that I have set for the year.


Do you have the same desire as me to get things done and stop procrastinating? After reading my post, I want you to take action and start tackling your to-do list.  Start with the small ones first. Finishing one task will surely give you, the desire to start a new one. Before you realize it, you will be done with your list at the end of the year.  Then, you will smile and pat yourself on the back.

Let this month of October inspire you to take action, do something good for someone else, and become the better version of yourself.

Happy month of October!


  1. I’m usually the same after summer: I try to whittle down my goals and accomplish a couple of things before the end of the year.

  2. That is an interesting look on october. I normally don’t really like it, because it gets colder and the days are shorter.
    But it’s a good plan to be more productive
    (and congratulations on you daughter)

  3. What a positive post! I do like October, mostly for the still warm temperature, the leafs changing color and the beautiful golden sunsets this month brings.

  4. Thank you for this post and its very motivational content. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to be inspired and this kind of post kinda pushes me to go on. 🙂

  5. Oh Marjie; say happy birthday to your daughter for me too! Anyway, you just gave us a positive look into October- it’s time to get things done as we almost get to the end of the year!

  6. I really want to accept that I sometimes get inspired by kids too…your inspiration can be anyone …important is to continue good and right work!!

  7. I have about 5 other things i should be doing and two deadlings due last week. I struggle with procrastinating so much and give myself a goal every month. Hoping to slowly get there.

    Hoping those autumn colours 😊

    • You should break your goal into short terms and every time, you complete one, you will reward yourself, and before you realize, you will be done, Kristina

  8. I can totally relate with you. I feel that October is also my best month of the year. Though we don’t have any celebrations within the family. This is the time to year that makes me excited for Christmas and the new year to come. Same as you. I also get more strength to take on more projects and finish my goals.

  9. Loads of memories for me this month. Draws me closer ro myself and family. More work and connect inwards.. Happy Birthday to Your Child. You are an amazing mum…

  10. Hi Marjie, I hope you’re well. Time really fliiieees and I wish it’d just slow down. My time of the year would be July – since most of my loved ones and me celebrates their birthday in July. But I can agree that October is wonderful and OMG! Just a few months and we’ll be celebrating Christmas!!

    ps: Please greet your daughter happy birthday for me! <3

  11. A very nice post on this time of the year. I love October and usually don’t need any expiration. The Hot Apple Cider, the Orchards, the Hayrides, and ultimately Halloween in all its frightful glory. Truly is the best time of the year. Thanks.

  12. I love October as well, the fall colors come to life and the weather starts to cool down which is my favorite time of the year. Happy birthday to your oldest! Hope you all have a great October.

  13. I love your enthusiasm to be productive! I had a very tough month and everything seemed to go wrong but this will not stop me from being inspired by you and do my best to be very productive in October which is also my birthday month! 🙂

  14. Happy birthday to your charming daughter! Hard to believe the year is ending so yes, let’s get working on those to-do lists!!

  15. Happy Blessed Day to your daughter. October is a critical month for planning for the next year. Procrastination does settle if we are not aware. As you mentioned, one small task at a time is the cure. Happy October.

  16. I loved the way you started the article. Kids are so precious in our life. Very positive and inspiring post. October is busy here in India too as it’s our festival month. All the festivals are celebrated in this month in India.

  17. October is one of my favorite months BECAUSE of the changing weather! I love that it cools down because it means that we’re getting closer to the holidays, my favorite time of year.

  18. This is a very beautiful post! You are compassionate and you are grateful to God and the universe for the life that you have today. That is an amazing outlook – and trust me, with that attitude you will achieve all your goals! All the best 🙂

  19. Thanks for reminding, it’s October already and most of us forgotten already our to do list for the year. I’m proud to share that I already accomplished most of it.

  20. Thank you for the inspiration! I tend to get less productive in the fall and winter because of the long, dark hours. It’s hard to wake up early when it’s still dark out! But I’m trying to get myself into a productive routine to combat that!


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