November, time to reflect and be grateful!


We are slowly approaching the end of the year, and it’s the perfect time to reflect, do a self-evaluation, and take some actions to end the year successfully.  I have been in pause mode for a long time.  I started questioning why I lost my passion and why I let myself drift to that state of unproductivity.  I can no longer blame it on Covid-19.  I can no longer let the current circumstances suppress my passion.  Blaming is leading me nowhere.   I can no longer be complacent.

While I do know that we all have times when we don’t feel our best and our minds may even wander away from what’s important, I also know that I’m the only one to bring myself back onto the right path.  Taking a look back on why I started in the first place can give me the strength to move on.

Why did I start? This self-reflection brings me back to that moment of gratitude when everything falls into place.

Living in that moment of gratitude ignited my passion again.  The gratitude for all these little things fills me with so much and my strength is slowly resurging through me.

If you find yourself stuck and reading my post, I hope you can go back to your why look at all your little victories, and be grateful.  With gratitude, you will start believing, hoping, and bringing the best version of yourself to life.

I am grateful that you are taking a minute to read my post.  Be blessed!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful and your post is a reminder that everyday brings a new reminder to be grateful even if we need to take a moment to look around and see the things around us that can easily bring us gratitude 😉

  2. November is my birthday month and it is truly one of my favorite months of the year as Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am a foodie 😉

  3. We should take more time out and reflect on things. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have enough or what we’ve achieved.

  4. I too, have been feeling like I’m in pause mode. I’m slowly starting new and working on continuous projects, but still don’t quite have the motivation I had before.

  5. Away from the city for awhile is such an amazing experience. this places are very nice and perfect place to unwind and give some breath fresh air coming from golden leaves.. So perfect feelings.

  6. I have been teaching my students to be thankful for everything. Every week, we talk about things we are to be thankful for. It is a great activity for them, They are 4-5 years old but they need to understand it.

    • That is awesome, Aisasami. I think instilling that gratitude mentality at a young age will make them appreciate life and turn them into compassionate human beings.

  7. Hello, Marjie. I hope everything is okay with you. I normally begin my day by thanking God for another day – another opportunity to pursue my dreams. The pandemic taught me that self-motivation is essential for achieving one’s goals. In these dark times, we must continue pushing on even if we don’t feel like it.

  8. I agree with you. and yes November (being the darkest and gloomiest month here as we have a rain season) is the best time to reflect and explore yourself for me. In December I really don’t have that much time to reflect on my life because holidays (my family also has 4 birthdays before Christmas) and chores and end of year events


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