November 2019, adopting an attitude of gratitude!


October is gone, and November is now laying out before us, full of inevitable changes and beautiful promises. Only a few days before 2019 ends, and I am still in disbelief of how fast the year flew by.


Today, instead of facing the challenges that I am going through, I have decided to change my focus on my blessings.  I have decided to look at the good only and surround myself with positive people.    I have decided to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

This month of November brings the opportunity to practice gratitude around every corner.  Every opportunity and every challenge can help us grow and become better.  We have come so far, we have accomplished so much, so many people have helped us.  It is time to show the world our appreciation.


As you are reading my post, let’s take time to celebrate the small things that we often take for granted.  Let’s be thankful for this day and all the beauty surrounding us.

Whatever you are grateful for, know that others are also grateful for you, including me, I am grateful, and thank you for visiting my blog.

This month, let’s adopt an attitude of gratitude!


  1. This month is a great time to have those reminders of gratitude. I can honestly say I’ve been short on it this week, we’ve had quite a bit of sickness in our house, including pink eye, asthma, and now an ear infection tonight. I’ve been to urgent care two days in a row with two different kids. But, at the same time, I can be grateful but this rarely happens here. We are usually very healthy at our house.

  2. Marji, I love your positive attitude. I put a smile on my face reading your fabulous post. Thank you for making me feel great and remind me to stay positive. Sometimes I forget not to take things too seriously and be more grateful.♥︎ I also cannot believe the year is almost over. I just wish it slows down a bit.

  3. One of the greatest attitude or character a person can keep.. Being thankful or always willing to express his/her gratitude for all the blessing and even “misfortune” as may other say! Very inspiring!

  4. Great insight! I also blogged about gratitude as it is really important in our daily life. It’s one of the keys to happiness and contentment. November is my birth month so your insight resonates with me.

  5. It’s always great to give thanks and show gratitude. November is a great month of that as we kick off the big Holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good to remember to give thanks amongst all the festivities. 🙂

  6. This is fantastic! There are a lot of people who could adopt this. I know things could be pretty bad so I am always extremely grateful for everything I have and am able to do both big and small.

  7. Being thankful for simply being alive something I do every morning when I wake up. It is not a perfect life, but I am still thankful for everything that I have.

  8. My friend always reminds everyone at work to “stop complaining, start thanking!” I believe the culture of complaining is very prevalent in the workplace so we must remind others that we are still very blessed to be able to have a job and earn our keep. Adopting an attitude of gratitude should be done every minute every day!

    • At some point, we all take our blessings for granted. We all need one friend like yours to remind us to be grateful and thankful

    • Same for me, Tara, and standing in front of my window with a warm cup of coffee in my hands and be grateful to the entire universe.

  9. Gratitude is so important. I started earlier this year by writing down three things I am grateful for every day, either in the morning or evening. It’s been really helping my mood.

  10. Gratitude is such a lovely and important practice. I feel like this is the best time of year to get into the habit of sharing what you are appreciative of because the holiday season is (supposed to be) all about slowing down and spending time with loved ones!

  11. “Attitude of gratitude” is one of my favorite phrases. Life goes so much better when we can look at it from the perspective of being grateful for what we have. I saw a video from a church in North Carolina where everything in the house is wrapped in colorful paper, and the dad goes around noticing all the wonderful things he has in his home. It’s really clever. Have you seen it?


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