My two words for the year 2021


I can’t believe we are already in the last week of January. Reflecting on this first month of the year 2021 brings light to ways to live my life with purpose and gratitude. Reconnect and balance are the two words that I chose to help me live intently and with purpose.

The most important lesson that I have learned from 2020 is not to take anything for granted. I have realized how short our life can be. Doing what I love and being with those that I love is all that matters. I am setting my inner child free to reconnect with the things that bring me joy. This year, I will be on a journey to reconnect with myself. I will reconnect with faith to achieve the impossible. I will reconnect with my joy to fully embrace life. I will reconnect with my family and my friends to love and be loved.


As a wife, mother, daughter, and nurse, it’s so easy for me to get caught in my thousand day-to-day routines and lose sight of the big picture.  I cannot be everywhere, and I cannot do everything. Therefore I need to prioritize and focus on only what truly matters. I want to take a minute to breathe, pause, and be fully present in what I decide to do.  I need to balance my life, weigh everything, and focus only on what’s essential.

In the end, I am positive that taking the time to reconnect with myself and balancing my life will bring me pure joy and peace.

Have you chosen any words for this year? If so, share it with me.


  1. and I too cannot believe January’s almost over. So my 2 words for 2021 are patience and empathy. I do have both of them already, but they are definitely things I need to work on. So you go girl – 2021 needs to be a great year !!

  2. Not taking anything for granted is a big lesson I learned form last year. I thought it was going to be the year and everything was going to get “settled” but it turned out very bad. Thanks for the post!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post and glad to know someone who is a nurse too. Let’s enjoy life to the fullest amidst all the things happening around us. Stay safe!

  4. im very thankful that 2020 was over and at least no one in my family got infected…i pray that it would stay the way it is being safe from covid….and slowly but surely we can be able to regain our losses

  5. I completely agree with that! 2020 has showed us to appreciate the little things more and take some time to enjoy life and take care of yourself. (mental health is important!)

  6. Reconnect and balance sound so profound . These trying times have shown us how important small little things in life are and never to take anything for granted . Thanks for this post and reminder .

  7. 26 days are already over in January… But I am determined to make this year my year. My 2 words for its year is power and balance

  8. I’m doing two words this year too! Mine are CONNECTION and ACTION. Love yours! Blessings for reconnection and balance in 2021 for you

  9. Yup, 2021 is definitely off to a flying start before you know it, Christmas will be here. My word of the year that I chose is progression because I want to avoid feeling stuck.

  10. Thanks for reminding us the things that we shouldn’t forget this year, I’d like to be more thoughtful in planning and be more grateful even on the smallest things that I receive this year.

  11. Balance is very important in our life. My two words for this year is going to be “Determination” and “Focus”. Determined to make this year better and focused on my goals and fixing my old mistakes.

  12. You have chosen some great words. I haven’t thought about choosing a word for this year, I have learned last year to just take everything as it comes, and at the moment I am not planning anything.

  13. I agree: little things, balance and taking time stop are very important. I did fully understand how much I missed out the moment of silent appreciation of life before lockdown

  14. Yes! Seeing the big picture is what we need for this year and not focusing on our circumstances and things we cannot control. Focusing on these things only takes away our joy and peace.

  15. This year, like any other, is a new chance to work on my set goals! To move closer towards my dreams, while leaning and improving all the way through. My 2 words are ‘determination’ and ‘joy’!

  16. I am also seeking balance this year and am focusing on activities that bring me joy. Like you, those are doing things I enjoy and spending time with family and friends I love! I hope you have a great 2021!

  17. I love that you chose reconnect and balance. Those are such great words and they can be applied to many different things in life. Relationships, self-care, or work. We will have an amazing year.

  18. I haven’t chosen any words for 2021. Hope, maybe? This is a weird time to be in since things are so unsure. But, I am in a happy place right now despite the pandemic.

  19. I don’t have specific words but I’ve been reading a devotional and the author said to live not just exist. I found that very profound and I’m trying to do that in 2021.


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