My two words for 2018

Living in the moment (I took this pic in 2014, Horseshoe Beach, Bermuda)

For 2018, I am not making any new year’s resolutions, I have tried before and failed so many times.  I am planning to continue the quest for learning and growing.  Why will it be different this year?  I will make every day count and I will enjoy myself more. I only have two words to go by for this year: self-accountability and enthusiasm.

I will hold myself accountable for everything I do and I will do everything with enthusiasm.  Every night I will evaluate myself to see my progress. Regardless what happened, I promise to keep my smile, faith, and positive thinking.

I will be grateful and thankful as soon I wake up.  Living with gratitude will help me appreciate life more.

I will smile more.  I realize I can be so focused on keeping up with life’s demands, I forget to smile.  I am claiming my smile back.

I will love more.  I will let my two girls and all the beautiful people in my life know how much I love them and how much they mean the world to me.

These are not resolutions, they are simple things that I have done before without being fully present.  This year, I will make sure that each action has meaning and counts.

Whether you are making new year’s resolutions or just ready to embrace 2018 with gratitude, remember to hold yourself accountable for whatever you decide to do, and put a zest of enthusiasm in your daily activities.  Together, let’s make 2018 the best year of our lives


    • Samantha,
      I have come to the realization, life is beautiful, and the simplest thing like smiling, appreciating, and loving add great value to it,

  1. I usually pick a few words too. I like yours but I really like the enthusiasm one. This word will come in handy in so many areas. Home, personal, business, work life. Enthusiasm just makes me smile.

  2. Those are powerful words you have choosen. Good for you. I choose Kindness and Trust this year. They are both present in my bathroom is I see them multiple times throughout the day. It’s amazing how words can have such an impact on our lives.

    • Whenever you are facing a situation, Angela, go back to your chosen words and remember why you chose them will help you.

  3. This made me really reflect upon my own goals for 2018. I often find myself losing my enthusiasm as the year goes on and life demands take over. I need to be present when it comes negative feelings overtake my mood. Thank you for reminding me to smile!

    • Sarah,
      There will be moments where we will question everything, if we have something to hold on, life will be more meaningful. I will embrace every situation with a smile, as I know, the sun always rises.

  4. Those are great words that you chose!! Love this idea. I only chose one word for this year and that was Becoming. I am going to work at becoming everything I want and know I can be

  5. I love those words! I think my word for this year will be Overcome! There are so many things I overcame last year! It’s empowering and I want to continue!

  6. I absolutely love your 2 words for the new year!! And I really love your positive attitude and energy! Yiu have a new follower now! Happy new year to you!

  7. God bless you, what a great advice we must follow. We must appreciate the good in everything we live each day and just be thankful that we are still learning and growing. Im not a person that make a list of wishes for new year, but sure I give thanks each day for the opportunities and the people who are there for me. Love the reading, it brings peace <3

  8. This sounds like a wonderful way to start the year! Those are awesome words to live by and I haven’t seen either of those in the many posts I have read about resolutions or theme words. Self-accountability is so important, and practicing gratitude is something we could all get better about.

  9. Those are two amazing words to have. I love self accountability, I have always held myself to that because I believe it is an important quality. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. “I will hold myself accountable for everything I do and I will do everything with enthusiasm.” I think this mantra right here is perfect and as someone said above, you beautifully and concisely wrapped up what we should all aim to do. I am actually going to start following our mantra and happy I came across this bit of advice

  11. These are great words for the year! I love the idea of doing this, I just need to decide on a word!!

  12. These are amazing goals. I think you and I are on the same page. I want to be enthusiastic about what I do because I want what I do to make me happy and it to be an extension of my best self! Accountability is key!

  13. Those are perfect words for 2018! I hope your year is off to a great start. I think the theme for my year is quality over quantity, especially when it comes to time management. I’ve been in a bad habit of over-booking myself. 🙂

    • Thank you, Camille, Quality is always important and outweighs quantity. We have to to do so many things that we tend to over-book, but I am confident, you always give your best.

  14. Growth is so important. I think recognizing the mistakes or “stepping stones” is a major component of moving forward and upward. Congrats to your kiddo for graduating!

  15. I like the idea of having words instead of resolutions. Yours can go so many ways–you can be accountable for your time or your health. You can be enthusiastic about your family or your job. Great idea!


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