My first solo date


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

It’s been a year since my separation, and thanks to my daughters, family, and friends, I never really felt alone.  Now that I am on the single life journey, I realize that I have never taken myself on a date.

So today is the day for that solo date.

Ready for my first solo date

To make the day special, I chose a place that I had never been before.  I did not want to do dinner, therefore, I opted for brunch at Noble Crust in St Pete.

I dressed up nicely for myself and took the road.  It was a gorgeous Sunday, and the drive was perfect as I blasted my music and enjoyed the views.

Noble Crust was the perfect choice for my solo date.  The hostess greeted me warmly and guided me to my table.  All the tables had flowers which is very thoughtful to me.

I must say it was a little bit awkward at the beginning and I was hiding behind my phone until I decided to embrace the moment and enjoy my surroundings.  My server was very friendly, and I followed her recommendations for the food and drink.  I was pleased with her choices.


A bite of my grits and shrimp


My first solo date was successful.  It was so good to enjoy my own company and do the things that I love without taking someone else’s interests and preferences into account for once.  I am not sure why I have never done this before. Now, I am reminding myself that I can do this single life journey, I am important and enough, and I deserve to give myself all the love that I am pouring into others.

The anticipation of my solo date

Until the next adventure, Marjie.


  1. Finding bliss within and treating oneself with kindness are the foundations of true contentment. Happy to see you blossoming just in time for Spring!

  2. Good on you taking yourself for a date! Loved your outfit 🙌
    I finally took myself to a cafe for lunch – I’d never even done that by myself, it was quite empowering! Not sure if I’m brave enough for a solo dinner date yet 🤨😅


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