My First Love

My beautiful mother, at age 40

You dreamt about me and prayed that God brought me to your life

You carried me and gave me life,

You held me and gave me my first kiss

You encouraged me and was there as I was taking my first steps

You fed me, you washed me, you dressed me

Mother and I, on her 80th birthday

You held me tight when I was frightened

You soothed me when I was in pain,

You always made me feel safe

You were always there for me since day one and your love never failed

You loved me unconditionally and your arms were the only place I could find peace

You showed me kindness, strength, courage, and resilience

Mother and I, on her 75th birthday

With the very little you had, you gave me the best

You made so much sacrifice to send me to the best school

You pushed me to reach for the stars

My Beautiful Mother, My First Love

You showed me compassion and patience

You cared for me without reserve

You always put me first and until now, you are still there for me

You are the definition of true love, kindness, strength

I am blessed and honored to call you, mom, my first Love


  1. Oh, Marjie, this poem brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful! I’m a new mom and only now I get to understand all the effort my mom did for my sisters and me. I only hope I can be a good example for my baby, as my mom is for me!

  2. This is truly so touching and emotional. Every girl shares such a special bond with her mom and this increases as we grow older and mature. Your mom is truly gorgeous and now I know where your good looks come from.

    • Thanks, Vyom, as you said, now, that I am a mother, I can only give her praise for all she did alone to raise me and my brother.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. Reading your post brought me to tears as I have just recently lost my mother. She lost her battle with breast cancer. ๐Ÿ™

  4. Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful! Your mom must have felt super loved after reading your dedication post. I love it; you make me miss my mum.

  5. What a beautiful post about your mom. I also consider my mom my first love. This is the reason why I wrote a book, To the First Woman Who Loved Me as a tribute to her. Happy to read about your wonderful relationship with her and our moms simply deserve the best.


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