May, A Meaningful Month


April and all its troubles are behind.  I am welcoming May with hope, joy, and gratitude. I am hopeful things will be better for my family and I.  I feel joyful as I am envisioning my garden; as they say, “April showers bring May flowers”.   I am grateful to have my family around me, great friends to support me, and all those little things that make my imperfect life perfect.

Feeling grateful, joyful, and hopeful

I did my season renewal last month.  Although I had a clear idea of what I needed to do to achieve my goals, I did not have a backup plan for unexpected events and I had my share these past three weeks.   It’s all over and I am ready for the next chapter of my life.

Growing up in a Catholic school and church, the month of May was always well celebrated.  It was Holy Communion Season where children received their third sacrament.  Although it’s been over 30 years, I still remember how special mine was.  After the mass, we had a beautiful reception where friends and family gathered to eat and dance.

The month of May is particularly special as it is dedicated to mothers all over the world.  In my native country, Mother’s Day is the last Sunday of May.

A meaningful month

This month of May is meaningful for me, I am reaffirming my faith and reconnecting with my God.  On this third day of May, I send you all the best wishes.

May you be well

May you be Healthier

May you be Happier

And May the rest of the year be more beautiful and successful for all of you.

Let’s have a wonderful month.

Does this month have a special meaning for you, share with me, I would like to hear from you?


  1. I don’t think I have just one month that’s special. October is special for us as that’s our anniversary. December is special as that’s when our daughter was born! Our special days are all over the year, lol

  2. We have a few special months. May is one of them because we have a lot of birthdays, including mine, but June is special too, wedding anniversary and my son’s birthday. October is special because it is the month when my husband and I first got together.

  3. And May the Fourth be with you! Sorry, had to do it!! I’m glad this month is looking up for you. My son always says the saying a bit backward and lately keeps telling me “April showers May bring flowers!”

  4. That sounds beautiful, I never considered the renewal of May but I love it! I, too, need to take this time to reaffirm my faith and connect with God!

  5. I hope you have a beautiful month of May! It’s my birthday and it’s our wedding anniversary so we’re looking forward to a great month as well.

  6. The two special months for us are April and October. In April we have my husband’s birthday and my birthday five days apart. And in October was when my son was born. Love may and all the outdoor beauty it brings!

  7. This is a very important month for mothers! I actually totally forgot mother’s day is this month! ? better get mine a gift. We don’t have any months that especially particular.

  8. I didn’t realize that May is that meaningful. It’s interesting to hear about that. I wish you a joyful month!

  9. April was not the best month for us and so I am hoping that May brings some new adventures and joys to make up for it. Hopefully we can all enjoy this month!

  10. May is a very special month for me, for so many reasons! I love the growth of new life and the lengthening and warming of the days. “May” the rest of your year be happy also!

  11. Very beautiful post. We don’t have a specific special month because we have birthdays scattered over different months and our anniversary is in October. Each month we find something special to be grateful for though.

  12. May is a wonderful month here, it has some of the best weather in the year. Also Mother’s Day and my wedding Anniversary are this month, as well as two family birthdays, so there is a lot of celebrating in my family.
    Happy Mother’s Day!


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