May 2024 Recap


    Navigating this long divorce journey can be difficult and overwhelming at times. I have learned to take it day by day as the path ahead is very unclear.  Amid my challenges, I count my blessings and acknowledge the good in my life.  I keep enjoying the simple pleasures that remind me of the beauty surrounding me, and deep inside, I know I will be okay.

    The simple pleasure of sipping a cup of coffee while admiring the sky and my plants

    Last month had its share of challenges, but I feel like they were pale compared to my blessings, and here are some of the highlights of some of them:

    May 6 through 12 was Nurses Week and this year’s theme selected by the American Nurses Association was: “Nurses Make the Difference”.  Since 2003, I have been working arduously to help my patients live healthier lives. I am thankful and blessed to touch positively one patient’s life at a time, and it was great to have a week acknowledging our hard work.

    May 12 was Mother’s Day – Being a mother is by far my greatest achievement.  For the past 27 years, I have been so blessed to live a full life with my two beautiful children.  They have brought so much joy in my life and I give thanks and praise for them daily.  They make me a stronger and better person.

    On May 22, my younger one graduated high school.  Where did time go?  I closed my eyes and she’s 18 and ready to start college. My heart melted seeing her going to prom, and I could not help shedding tears of joy at her graduation.

    On May 30th, I celebrated one of my friends ‘birthday at Ash.  A new restaurant in Tampa.  It’s beautifully decorated with great service and the food was amazing.  My friends and I  had such a great time and I am blessed to share my friend Crystal’s special day with her.

    On May 31, I hosted a ladies’ night with my book club friends, It was a night of laughter and joy.   We had wine, cheese, and hors-d’oeuvre.  I am thankful for this group of ladies who always check on me and pray with me.

    Living a life of gratitude can help sustain us through difficult times.  If you are reading my post today, take a moment to acknowledge the blessings in your own life. Remember the smallest moments bring us the most joy.  I am thankful that you stop by to read this post.

    With gratitude, Marjie



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