May 2019, A month to love


April is gone, and I am pleased to admit it was filled with treasurable moments.  I am very humble to say that I was one of the 300 selected 2018 Superheroes of my company.  On April 10 thru the 12, the Senior Leadership treated us in a lavish trip at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  Saying they made us filled appreciated is an understatement.  I have created memories for a lifetime.

This past weekend, I attended two health conferences in New-Jersey and of course I spent some quality time with my older daughter who is graduating as a speech pathologist in 22 days.  Therefore, you know I am welcoming the month of May with pure joy and happiness.

Why May is special?

May is a special month as many parts of the world honor all the mothers.  A mother is simply that extraordinary human being who signifies so many things from love, stability, comfort, joy, and sacrifice amongst others. A mother is that magical human being who gives us life with her tenderness and nourishes us with her infinite love.

In the United States, we also celebrate and honor the nurses the week of May 6-12.  Nurses, those earthy angels who are dedicated to care and attend the needs of others selflessly.

I am blessed to be both a mother and a nurse.  This month, I am ready to celebrate love, give back, and show love and appreciation to others.

Each of us can make a difference this month by reaching out to the powerful women in our lives.  Let them know they are appreciated and loved.

Take a moment to create real moments, cherish, and honor those we love.


  1. Absolutely Marjie! Let’s make this May a totally different month by seriously honoring our mothers. I got some lovely gifts for my mom; and not to forget, another spa date I’ve booked.

  2. I love that picture of you as a super hero because you really are one ! Congratulations for the graduation of your daughter!

  3. May is one of my favourites. We have a 5th birthday, a 6th birthday, a 7th birthday, and a 7 year wedding anniversary all in the space of a 5 days! It’s crazy busy, and we go to Italy that week too!

  4. April was a difficult month – financially, emotionally, physically. The financial aspect was kinda solved towards the end of April, but I hope I can say the same thing about my mental and physical situation. I hope I can get through Mother’s Day without suffering a breakdown. This will be the first Mother’s Day without my mom. She passed away last February.

  5. May is great for so many reasons here, too. There are a few family birthdays in the month. My boys will finish school for the summer and we have staff appreciation week next week for both schools. I’m also super-excited because the yearbooks for my son’s school have come in! After 10 months of hard work on it, I can finally say it’s done and looks awesome! I spend a good 250-300 hours total on that book!

  6. I love the month of May. The lilacs outside my window are blooming!!! It is about to stay warm! Had some snow on the 1st. Hopefully that was the last of the snow for this year.

  7. May is such a beautiful month and can be. I love all the spring which is coming up right now. Even in California, we are still having a load of great flora and fauna spring up. Usually, it’s already dying off but not this year. I hope you have the most amazing May.

  8. Congrats on your achievement and I’m glad you had fun on your trip! May is always one of my favorite months as the world feels like it is becoming alive!

  9. April was such a weird month for me. Not great, but not bad either. Anyway lol… congrats on all that you have achieved!!! So awesome!!!

  10. Congrats on the amazing recognition! The Bellagio is such a gorgeous hire. I hope you had a fantastic time!

  11. The month of May is indeed a special month filled with so much love and happiness, it’s also my birth month And am extremely excited, congratulations to your daughter and wishing her the best of luck.


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