March Is Here


Knowing that Spring is a few weeks away brings joy to my heart.  February is gone and so much has happened during this short month.  I had to make some major decisions in my life and I am hopeful the outcomes will be good.  I also faced some challenges but I learned the lesson and moved on.

I am thankful for the support and love of my family.  I am also thankful for all of you who took the time to visit my blog and comment.  I still keep my two words in mind: enthusiasm and self-accountability.  Regardless the challenge, I add a zest of enthusiasm in anything I do, and I still hold myself accountable for any action taken.

One of the highlights this month was going to Marc Anthony’s concert with my older daughter.

Mother-Daughter time
Marc Anthony Concierto De Amor, Prudential Center, 2-17-2018

On the last day of February, I competed in my public speaking club, and even though I did not win, I still consider myself a winner.  I have gained some skills and confidence.  I completely forgot my speech, but I did not blink and kept going.

Impact 21 Toastmasters, International Speech Club Contest

The lesson learned from this experience is that we will stumble, but that should not stop us, we have to keep pushing ourselves to reach our goals.  No painful situation is permanent and will end, just like that brutal Winter can’t last forever, it will lead to Spring.

March 2, 2018,Nor’Easter


Let’s be hopeful and welcome March together with a smile.




  1. I was waiting for March as I know it brings Spring and yesterday the weather took my joy away. Your post is bringing back my hope.

  2. Oh, so jealous! I love Marc Anthony! What a wonderful attitude you have – always good to keep yourself in check! Longing for spring – we’ve got so much snow in Sweden and I can’t wait for the warmer weather!

  3. You have captured beautiful pictures of winter and spring. I love both these seasons. They are very pleasant and happy.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations on your first public speaking competition! That sounds so scary for me. I hate public speaking.

  5. I love that you were able to gain such a positive outlook from something that you didn’t win. I completely understand forgetting your speech because I did Speech and Debate for a year in high school and was not very good at it, but it did give me some invaluable life skills!

    • Stephanie, I always believe even though the end result is not what we expect, we can always gain from the experience, learn the lesson, and do better the next time.

  6. I welcome March because I always try to stay positive. The weather of this new month is a little fierce but I have had so many good things coming at me the last couple days I will not be brought down.

  7. Congratulations on your speech and for having such an amazing attitude and perspective on it. It’s so refreshing to read about inspiring experiences like yours!

  8. I can relate. I, too, was in a public speaking club and that’s where I found out how many times I say the word “so”! Sounds like you held it together and moved forward. Good for you!

  9. March is here and Spring is just around the corner. Kudos for you on participating in the public speaking club. I get nervous when I stand in front of a crowd and talk.

  10. Sounds like you had a good February and you learned some great lessons in the process. We do stumble all the time but how we respond to that makes things better or worse in our lives.

  11. I am so ready for Spring! Warmer weather & no more snow! Congrats on your Public Speaking Club finishing up. The thought of joining a Public Speaking Club kind of gives me cold chills… so it probably means it’s something I should do! Face my Fears!


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