March 2020, putting it all together


In March 2018, I needed to grow. I decided to leave my comfort zone and learn new skills.  I embarked on new adventures.  My motivation had guided me.   I had tried, I failed, and I succeeded.

In March 2019, my faith was all I had left after so many misfortunes struck my family unexpectedly.   I was hopeful that things would get better, and they did.  I overcame countless disappointments. I started over several times and I was able to heal.

March 2020 – I am still motivated and hopeful. I still have that burning desire in me to do good, to learn, and to continue to grow.  There are times, like last month, I felt like giving up. For one second, I forgot my purpose, Then I remembered the two verbs that I have selected for this year, believe and persevere.  I took a deep breath, found the strength within me, stood up straight, and kept moving forward.

I have learned that it is okay to slow down, but it’s not okay to give up.  This quote makes me smile and brings back hope and determination.  “Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.” John De Paola.

Now, I am determined, hopeful, I believe, and I will persevere.

May this month bring you joy, new beginnings, hope, and most importantly love!


  1. February was a tough month for me. Emotionally and physically, I was tired. Thankfully with some doctors’ visits, I am slowly recovering and getting back up on my feet again. I am still hoping that things will get better and I will continue to strive to succeed. Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Dont think too much of the past. Be positive and do things which make you happy. Life is short and living it to the fullest is very important.

  3. The beautiful flowers mixed in with your thoughts about hope, believe, and perseverance are such a great reminder that nature teaches us exactly that: always have hope because it will get better again. No matter how dead plants look in winter, they will bloom, brighten and carry fruit again.

  4. First off, these are some amazing pictures of flowers. And that’s so great you still have the burning desire to do good and to persevere no matter the trials. Hope everything goes well.

  5. I always look at spring as a great time to refresh. Evaluating things and making changes in my day to day as the weather changes helps to inspire me to be more focused and productive and appreciate the small wins.

  6. Wow, “it’s okay to slow down but it’s not okay to give up.” I really needed to hear that today. Wishing you a beautiful March. 💜


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