Let’s wear our mask safely!


After three months in quarantine, life is slowly getting back to normal. For some, adapting to a new way of functioning may be difficult.  Most of us are trying to go back to the little things that brought us joy, but we still need to be cautious.  We need to remember that the Coronavirus is still around and that it is up to us to take action. 

Regardless of where we are, the virus remains a concern when we venture out in public.  Where I live, it is mandatory to wear masks when going out and people are pretty compliant.  Unfortunately, some people are wearing their masks the wrong way. This is why I decided to write this short post to explain how to properly wear it. 

Wearing a cloth mask helps protect others by preventing the wearer from spreading respiratory droplets. These simple tips if followed properly can increase safety.


You should wear your mask over your nose and under your chin.  It is very important to avoid touching your face covering. In the event we do so, wash your hands and the mask.

Remember to remove your mask by the ear loops and pull it straight off your face. Place the loops together to fold it in half so the side that was facing to your mouth is folded inside. Put it in a paper bag.

Wash your mask after daily use with hot or warm water and dry on the hottest setting.

Most importantly, wear your mask in public, especially indoors and mostly where 6-feet distances are difficult to maintain.

Let’s continue to follow the CDC guidelines and attempt to enjoy our summer safely.  Together we can fight Covid-19.

Be safe, Be well!


  1. I totally agree with you. Wearing face mask is like our new normal. Face mask and hand gel is new addition in my bag. Not just to protect ourselves but others too.

  2. I feel like so many aren’t following the guidelines in terms of handwashing and properly caring for themselves by putting on a mask when they go out. Such great points in this post.

  3. My 3 year old goes around telling people to wear their masks and for god sake wash their hands 😁😁

  4. This pandemic crisis, we should take care of ourselves and others too. Wearing face masks is a must now, we need to take precautionary measures seriously.

  5. Good one!! People need to read this. Just wearing mask is not important but wearing and disposing is also really important.


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