Let’s Talk about Wellness….


Did you know that August is wellness month?  As we are ready to start anew while enjoying this last summer month, let’s take the time to focus on self-care, manage our stress level, and promote some healthy habits.

Nature Preserve, Apollo Beach, Florida

As a mother and a nurse, I tend to neglect myself and take care of everyone else’s needs until I have no energy left.  I know I am not alone and many can relate to that.  As we are celebrating national wellness month, I am planning to make some minor changes in my daily routine to improve my health.  If you join me on this, together, we can stay on track of our personal wellness. We can support and encourage each other to achieve maximum wellness.

It does not take much but I can reassure it will work.

Sleep More – Lack of sleep can have so many negative effects on our health and overall wellbeing.  Why don’t we give up on the TV and increase our sleeping time by one hour?

Read – Let’s read a book for an hour without the external distractions by putting the phone away.

Walk – Let’s take 10 minutes a day for mindful walking.  Remember that walking can offer numerous health benefits and prevent certain diseases.

Smile – Besides being contagious, smiling can relieve stress and boost our immune system.  A smile does not cost anything, let’s take the time to smile more this month.

Lunch – Often, we skip lunch or we eat lunch while working.  Why don’t we take 30 minutes and enjoy nature while eating our lunch?

Play – Let’s recreate family time and find those board games to play with our kids

Call a friend – We don’t know what people are going through, let’s call a friend and show them some appreciation.

Praise ourselves – Finally, let’s give ourselves some praise, we deserve that for all the great work we are consistently doing.

What other wellness activities will you do this month?  If you share with me, I will join you.


  1. I try to do these every day and I have my #selfcaresundays too where I just be lazy and do nothing. Important to leave the desk for at least 30mins and walk out of work for fresh air and exercise. I also read for wellness. It’s escapism for me.

  2. I completely agree, I am forever eating my lunch as I work. You are right though, we should just stop and enjoy lunch – much better xx

  3. This is such an important and inspiring post, Marjie! It seems that we can’t be reminded enough to take care of ourselves and do the kinds of simple things you suggest. Getting enough sleep still seems to be the hardest. But taking a daily walk and remembering lunch and eating it outside (one of my Happier.Place tips, too) are totally feasible! Thank you for the tips and reminder!

    • It is hard for me as well to get enough sleep, but taking it one day at a time, we will make it happen. Thank you LuciWest!

  4. You are absolutely right. Though I’m not a mum but sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to take care of myself. I rarely get enough sleep. These tips are so useful. Regardless of our tight schedules, we need to care for ourselves — as they say: health is wealth. Between you and your daughter are so pretty.

  5. I am one who tends to not take care of myself sometimes too. I have started sticking to an earlier bedtime lately and journaling. Reading is something I’ve always done, but I have been giving myself a bit more time to read in the evening.

  6. You offered such great tips that are completely simple, but does so much good. I love the idea of taking a walk outside during lunch! I used to eat lunch at my desk and still work. That never did me any good!

  7. I really try to not work while I eat lunch. I spent so much of my life doing this and it really does make you enjoy it more

  8. I know so many nurses who don’t treat themselves as well as they treat others. I think it’s so important to make time for ourselves. Practicing self-care is something I’ve been working on. I try to find time to read every day.

  9. Reading is a good way to kill time and wait until I feel drowsy and sleepy. Being healthy is the most important asset.

  10. This is a great post Marjie! I mediate and do yoga for wellness. I also decided to change my diet. Ever since I’ve been on the Paleo diet I’ve been feeling healthier mentally and physically.

  11. Totally agree with everything you mentioned here. It is very important that we take care of our health and well-being. Lack of sleep is one of our main culprits. I got sick for a week because I was so busy working on a project. Unfortunately, my lack of sleep resulted in a low immune system that I eventually caught flu.

  12. I love how easy this list is ? Small gestures and acts, which in the end can have such a positive impact on our daily lives. Thanks for the ideas, I’m ashamed of how lousy I am when it comes to taking care of myself and my own needs, this was a welcome reminder ?

  13. I feel you, I guess Moms like us always neglects ourselves but this had me thinking, how can we take care of our loved ones if we cannot take care of ourselves. we should also learn to love ourselves to continue taking care of every one else.


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