Let’s take care of ourselves……


Like most women, I spend my days juggling between my full-time work, caring for my kids, my mom, my house, and my blog.  Needless to say, my brain is constantly working and thinking about the next thing to do.  Every now and then I do try to pause and take my daily 15-minute walk. Unfortunately, my mind never stops racing and I am constantly contemplating the next thing to do.  I finally admitted that I am really stressed and needed to take some action.

These past few days, I decided to stay away from everything, be me, and enjoy my loved ones.  I put everything away, no cell phone, no laptop, no blog, no work, no planning.  The first few hours, I thought I was going insane as I never allowed myself to be free.

Then I questioned myself what would happen if I am not here.  Will my world stop? Will the bills be paid? will dinner be made?  I answered yes to each question and went for a powerful nap. It was the most peaceful experience of my adult life.

From now on, I am committed to take a day off from everything and take care of myself. Many of us tend to everyone else’s need and we forget that we can’t give what we don’t have.  We must take care of ourselves.  We must prioritize our own needs, fill our basket so we can be fully there for others.

If you were just like me and were neglecting yourself, stop and take a minute to change your priorities and put yourself first.  It’s not easy.  I still don’t know if I will remain on track but I put reminders everywhere to help me be gentler towards myself.

Let’s take small steps together and make a pledge to care for ourselves this summer.  Let’s learn how to put the phone away and be free for a day.  Let’s take a walk on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves.  Let’s enjoy life!


  1. It’s so hard to juggle it all. I want to take a day like this during each of our vacations this summer. It’s difficult, though, when my husband and I work for ourselves so our devices are our income.

    • I know how hard it can be Stephanie, I used to work even during our vacation. This year, I promise my kids when we travel, the laptop will stay home.

  2. yes! I can’t agree more, self-care is the start of any process and unfortunately, we often take care of ourselves the last if not never. Great post.

  3. I think I need to do that as well especially when Im so stressed nowadays because of college.
    Sometimes taking a step back from everything and dedicating a day of self-care is good for you and your health

  4. I think this is so important to remember to do although it’s such a struggle to do. We always put ourselves on the back burner and then get burnt out.

  5. Lovely reminder. I started taking my self-care seriously last year. I signed up for a monthly spa subscription, fancy gym and I prioritize myself first. This year has brought so many changes and lots of tears but I know it would have been worse if I was not practicing self-care.

  6. I think this is so important. And as awareness of mental health is on the rise more of us need to be aware of our own mental health.

  7. At the moment it is so difficult for me to just switch of my phone and computer. Those devices are my source of income. But I need to remind myself that I need more ‘me time’ too.

    • Same for me, Karen, I was on a 24/7 schedule and that was detrimental for my health. 1 day a month will make a huge difference for me.

  8. You deserve the care you give to others. I’ve been working on me time, too. It can be so difficult to find the time and energy but I’m working on it.

  9. taking care implies in many ways .. our body, health, our food, alot i believe that this content we go a long way by helping more people to discover what they are missing by taking care of them self…..

  10. Self-care is so important! I read an analogy about how on airplanes, they tell you that if the plane goes down, you’re supposed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs – meaning your needs need to be met before you can help others out with anything! I try to think about that when it comes to self-care and try not to feel guilty about it!

  11. Amen!
    I think I am quite similar to you, I don’t allow myself free time. Well, not long ago, like three weeks ago, I got ill, it seemed a flu, then it seemed a virus, then a bacteria, something happened and I was not getting better!! I couldn’t keep my head straight, and needed to rest. I felt terrible about that!! like I was failing to people around me. Well, after thinking about it a lot, in fact I came to the same conclusion, I don’t rest enough, I need more time for me in my life and take things slowly!


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