Let’s focus on our own race.


The peer-pressure that the kids are facing can be difficult and even overwhelming for them.    It is up to us parents to arm them with the right tools and help them to become strong, independent, and confident.  It took me a while to make my older daughter understand that she is unique and the only person she needs to compete against is herself.  She gets it now, and I am doing the same with my younger one.

I have even seen adults sometimes being unconsciously pressured and getting irritated by what they can’t do or afford.  The booming of social media can add to that pressure.  People only see what’s on the surface which is only a fraction of the whole picture.  The small image is so far from the true and can be misleading.

From an early age, I have learned to appreciate what I have, and I also knew what I wanted to be.  I am grateful for all the amazing people who inspired and mentored me. Although I admire them, I know that my path is different from theirs.  Our race is different and they can only motivate me to reach the finish line on my own timing.


We must focus on our own selves and strive to live a beautiful and fulfilling life with what we have.  We need to keep up with ourselves by raising the bar a little higher every day.  Doing so will help us become the best version of ourselves.

As Spring always brings new life, may we let our gifts shine!  As we are replenishing our own baskets, let’s remember to motivate someone and have them take the ride alongside us.  Together, we will be stronger and better.


  1. This is a vital lesson to teach your kids! My mom would always say, “worry about yourself” because I had the tendency to concern myself with what everyone else was doing or what they weren’t doing! We need to stay focused on our own journey and becoming our best.

  2. This is a fantastic message! Simply put: mind your business. My grandma used to tell me “mind your business, not mine.” Lol. I was very nosey as a child, but the message has stuck with me since then. Like you said, social media can make you feel bad about where you are life, even though we forget social media only shows us one side of a person’s life.

  3. We’ve been trying to teach this to my boys lately. My oldest is in kindergarten and has commented about how some of the other kids are better than him at things. I try to remind him that he is his own person and he is good at a lot of things too. It’s hard sometimes when they are little, but it’s important to teach.

  4. Even adults are succumbing to peer pressure. It’s not just teens. The pressure to “keep up with the Jones'” is real and people forget that we are all on different paths running our individual race so outcomes will be different.

  5. Self love is a concept easier said than done. Insecurity can eat up one’s soul. This is why it’s a good thing that you’re teaching your kids as early as now to focus on their own race. Everyone needs to learn it too. Perhaps if we did, the world shall be a greater place to live in.

  6. This is something that I’ve really been trying to make sure my child knows, even though she is only two. I want her to know that she will have her own unique talents and struggles. It is a hard concept sometimes, even as an adult!

  7. Love all the flower photos. I totally agree. Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s important to also remember that what we see on social media is usually the “best” or “good” in that person’s life. No one shares their flaws.

  8. Amen, Marjie – so well put! We are forever reminding our girls that no, they may not have the biggest, fanciest, latest “toys” that all their peers do, but their peers don’t get to travel the world as we do. Seeing “stuff” can make a kid jealous short-term, but when we ask them if they’d rather trade long-term memories for short-term stuff, they are quick to say NO!

  9. This is an important point to explain kids. When there is a correct understanding of all those comparisons it probably makes life so much easier (and adds up a lot in productivity when they grow up).

  10. we are here because of some purpose so we should focus on that but not put lot of pressure on yourself. we ought to focus on our selves and also have to stop comparing with others. I agree with all the points you mentioned above.

  11. I’ll agree that it starts from teaching kids on the value of contentment right from a young age. Then , they will know how to deal with competition as they grow.


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