Just Be There And Listen


According to my friends, I always find the right words to tell people to lift them up, and many times I do. I always find encouraging words for one of my friends whose spouse was battling cancer.  Unfortunately, after many months of suffering, she lost her battle.  I met him afterward and I knew he was probably expecting some kind words, and I was out.  I felt powerless, no words could wash away the pain that I saw on his face.  After giving him a hug, we sat in silence, my mind was racing to find something to say as I found the silence was not enough.

On my way home, I was beating myself up, because I could not find a word to soothe my friend’s pain.  Later that week, he thanked me for just being there which was all he needed.

As I reflect on that day, I come to the realization that sometimes, a hug, a smile, or simply being there in silent, can be as recomforting as any words.  Being fully present for someone is priceless.  Silence can be more powerful than any word and can even express genuine affection.

Take the time to be a listening ear for those in needs.  Most of the times, they already have the answers, we don’t have to feel compelled to say something.  Just be there and listen.


  1. It’s amazing how much just being present in a moment can be so powerful. I have been focusing on presence with my children this year. Making sure that, when I am talking to them, they have my full attention. This is a wonderful reminder of that. I can’t imagine what your friend is going through right now, but it sounds like you were still the person with all the answers, even if they weren’t spoken.

    • Being fully present is a process, Stephanie, and I am learning, and I am trying my best to give 100% in each encounter. I was glad to be there for him and I am still praying that he finds the strength he needs.

  2. My pastor mentioned the same thing a few weeks ago. Sometimes words are not necessary. Sometimes just our presence is enough. To know there’s a shoulder there gives piece of mind.

  3. It’s so true sometimes being there for someone is so important. Sorry to hear about your friend, he must be going through a lot!

  4. This is such wise advise. When my Dad passed away, I honestly can’t remember what people were saying, but I know that I felt their strength and love surrounding me.

  5. Such a powerful message! I especially love this line –> sometimes, a hug, a smile, or simply being there in silent, can be as recomforting as any words. Being fully present for someone is priceless. Silence can be more powerful than any word and can even express genuine affection.

    Presence alone can truly mean something to someone. Sometimes you don’t need to find the right words to say, simply being there with them is more than enough…:)

  6. Stephanie, there are times when we will not find answers, but we have to gather our strength and be there for those we love and care.

  7. This is really heartwarming. Sometimes we just need someone there to comfort us. It’s nice to have someone who’s willing to be there. You’re a great friend!

  8. It is hard for us to remain silent, Jessica, as sometimes, we listen to answer, and not fully present to see what the other person needs. I am working on that now.

  9. Being a good listener is so important when it comes to being a good friend. I totally agree that it is good to just sit and listen especially when someone is going through a tough time.


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