June, time to recharge


I can’t believe the month of May is gone; it went fast but smoothly.  I am grateful, for once I was spared all the downs or curveballs life can throw at us.  I am thankful for all my blessings and all those little joys that you can experience only if you fully open your heart.

June is here, and it’s time for new beginnings.  By looking how everything is green and blooming, we know summer is around the corner.  The environment is new, fresh, and most importantly it is ever-changing.

The year is halfway over, I still have so much hope and expectations.  I want to accomplish so much.    I am reenergized and wish the same for you.  This month, I will focus on my values, my priorities, my habits, and what I need to change to fulfill my dreams.

Like me, I hope you pay attention to the little details and start anew.  If you haven’t met your goals then do not dwell on the time lost, it’s already gone.  You can still make it. I promise you are not alone, but only you can make it happen.  You must believe, act, and persevere.


As we start this new month, I hope you are recharged and determined to grab life and make the changes that will help you reach your full potential.  Have a blessed month


    • Absolutely, Stephanie, remember we can still learn and grow from our mistakes from the past. Let them be the opportunities to cultivate a better tomorrow.

  1. I absolutely love this time of year where things are in bloom and turning green. It is definitely the opportunity for fresh starts.

  2. When JUNE 1 rolled around I told myself OKAY TIME TO GET SERIOUS – definitely new beginnings happening this month!!! New house and a few other announcements too! 🙂

  3. I’m a high school sophomore. I cannot find any passion, hobby or favorite things beside wanting to go to Williams College. I feel lost, clueless, vain, impossible,… I cannot find a way out. My parents cannot help me, nor do my teachers and my friends. Next year this the year of decision whether I can go there or not. I need help so much!

    • Going to College can be a stressful moment. Hieu, you must prepare yourself, be confident, and stay focus. You must also find something you love and talk to friends that are going to College, maybe to the same school to discuss. I wish you the best.


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