June 2024 Recap


June is usually a month filled with promises, a month with longer and brighter days, a month where our gardens come back to life, and our flowers bloom bringing us joy and smiles.  For me, June 2024 was filled with uncertainty and endless challenges.  A lot has happened and I still have so many loose ends that need to be tight.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know by now, that regardless of the situation, I train my mind to focus on the positive and see the good in every situation.    Instead of focusing on what’s missing, I focus on what’s present, the love of my children, my job, and my health.  I open myself up to a world of possibilities and blessings despite the struggles.

What happened in June?

The first week of June, I had the case management conference for my divorce.  I was so apprehensive about this meeting which did not even last 5 minutes.  A Case Management Conference is a virtual meeting where my soon-to-be ex-husband, and I come with our respective lawyers to discuss what will happen with our case in front of a judge.  It was uncomfortable for me, having strangers deciding on my future, taking charge of my finances and belongings to divide between us.  The life that was built together is shattered and the pieces will be divided between us.


The second week of June, I attended a wonderful fundraising gala to raise funds to fight prostate cancer.  It was a night filled with fun, music, food, and great company.

Attending Pure Couture white affair to raise money for Prostate Cancer

The third week of June, I flew to NJ for work.  Although I was happy to see my coworkers and team, volunteering at the Community Food Bank of NJ was the highlight of this trip and the whole month.  Giving my time to help pack food for the seniors was very special.  As Mahatma Gandhi beautifully said: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.  Volunteering my time for the benefit of others reignited my purpose and made me realize how much I enjoyed being in the community and doing good for others.


Volunteering at the Community Food Bank of NJ

This month, my older daughter and I have been consistently going to the gym, and we even trained with a coach twice a week.


Although I am a little worried about my uncertain future, I am not consumed by fear while navigating my single life status.   Worrying will not change my current situation.  I trust the process and know that He will make a way for me.  I have learned how to dance in the rain and will enjoy every moment in that temporary storm I face.

Thank you for stopping by to read my June recap.  I wish you a wonderful Summer 2024.




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