June 2020, hoping for a new beginning!


June 2020 can be a new beginning filled with new hope leading to new opportunities and new results!

It’s indeed a new month, and as much as I can’t believe we are in June; I still cannot grasp what’s going on around me since the year started.  I must say, it’s tremendously hard for me to stay focused.

I am dreaming of a new beginning, especially since these past months have been so painful for all of us.  They have shaken us to the core and we are forced to start anew.  Perhaps some of us may even appreciate life better.  We are slowly reopening, learning new ways to function, and we are learning new behaviors.  No matter how hard it is to navigate this new world, we must adapt.

New hope.


For me, I am still not seeing the light, but deep down, I know, it’s there.  My faith will allow me to walk straight despite the darkness surrounding me.

As we are still hoping for new opportunities and new results, I hope you can find some peace and tranquility to find your true self in the midst of the chaos.  Remember, the world needs you, be that wonderful person who can bring everlasting changes.


  1. The end of may just hit us like a ton of bricks in addition to the past 3 months…wow! Hopefully the next 6 months will be devoid of global horrors, but somehow, I doubt that. Lord help us!

  2. hi
    thanks for the positivity and warm words. Similar to you many of us are going through some tough times and it feels good to know that others too are sharing what we are going through and that we will all come out of it

  3. It had been a busy time, I am going through worse because for a friend but trust me, June had been till now too harsh on me. May be the ending will be fine…

  4. At this point in our lives, it seems like all we have is hope. But I am not giving up, and I am trying to face each day hoping that things will get better and that we can have some normalcy in our lives again.

  5. This line caught my attention “My faith will allow me to walk straight despite the darkness surrounding me.” And it sums up everything I’ve been feeling and saying to myself recently. Thank you for such encouragement and kind, positive thoughts.

  6. It’s been a difficult time for most of us especially for local businesses but I believe everything happens for a reason and I have faith that all will be good.

  7. It has not been the best time for everyone has it, but I am sure things will start to improve and get better x

  8. I am keeping my hopes up as well that things will start to change for the better soon as well. Thanks for the post and the beautiful photos.

  9. We definitely can use a refresh this year, that’s for sure! Things started opening and now it’s getting worse again. We’ve had to cancel and change so many plans that my young boys just don’t understand. I am hopeful that things will start looking up again soon, too.

  10. I could not agree with you more on this one hun. I think we all need a fresh start and lets hope June and onwards gets better x

  11. June was a very good month and definitely a sign of a new beginning for me. I started a job that I really like! So much to be happy and grateful for!!!


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