June 2019, a month to grow


The beautiful month of May 2019 is gone, and one of its highlights was the graduation of my older daughter, Yourika. from Kean University with a Bachelor in Speech Therapy. Yesterday, she was a baby and today, she’s closing one chapter of her life.  I am a blessed mother. Witnessing our children’ accomplishments is a blessing that I am so humble and grateful for. I closed the month of May with joy and gratitude.

I am eager to start a new chapter in the year 2019 book.  This entire month of June, I will be reflecting on my blessings, all the things that I have accomplished, and all the things that I failed to do or miss.  It’s up to me to continue my journey and reach my goals.  I am determined to make the rest of the year a success and I am taking you on the ride with me.

What is your plan for this month? How do you intend to grow?  Is there something that keeps you from moving?  Are you so focusing on what you did not have or what you failed to do?  It’s time to turn the switch from negative to positive.  This month we will only look on the upside.

I have learned from my mistakes and I am ready to grab life with a positive attitude, and I will not prosper alone.  I promise you; we can take all our rejections and all our failures and turn them into lessons to be learned, opportunities to grow, and strike again.  Let’s grow and succeed together.

Happy Month of June 2019!


  1. My goals this month (and for the rest of the year) is to build an emergency fund. We used ours up when my husband was taken to the hospital for an emergency admission and the insurance initially refused to cover for it. It was a lesson learned. We are not focusing on building that fund, being frugal, and working hard to achieve our goal.

  2. being open to grow and learn each and every day is the healthiest way to live. Yes, there will be mistakes, but it’s what we do when those mistakes occur that defines our attitude in life, which then defines our happiness and growth. Love this topic and congrats to your daughter, what a big accomplishment!

  3. Congratulations to you and to your daughter! You must be really proud of her. You really had a great year and we are now halfway and sending you good vibes to continue this year comes with more blessings.

  4. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation. My daughters both have piano exams coming up so I am hoping they will learn from this and it will help them develop and in a sense grow from this experience.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter and you! It’s an accomplishment for both of you. I was able to go to my cousin’s graduation from high school in Florida during May, and both of my boys finished school for the summer. My oldest finished kindergarten and he excelled in so many ways. Today was his 6th birthday, so June is always a month we look forward to!

  6. June is fantastic month. The happiest for me and not only due to graduation. It’s summer, it’s sunny, the days are long and we are full of hope. But Congrats to all the graduates!

  7. Congrats to your daughter it’s a great accomplishment to finish her study her journey continues to become successful and this is the start wish all the best to your daughter!!

  8. Congrats to your daughter! I’m looking forward to a productive month – so far I’ve a applied for a counselling course starting in September and a voluntary role, which sounds fantastic… so I’m feeling pretty positive after a few not-so-good months!

  9. Congrats on your daughter’s graduation!! It is joyous when we see our kids accomplish their dreams!! June for me is one of those hectic months that will not allow for much introspection- lots of travel and work, but my goal is to creat new content for my blog as I go along. Happy June to you!

  10. That is amazing news congratulations to your daughter, that is an amazing achievement. My plans for this month is to work on a few projects I’d like to do.

  11. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter on her graduation. What a wonderful gift and yes, we can all work to rise above the challenges of life.

  12. Positivity is truly the key. Embrace the law of attraction and know that you manifest what you put out into the universe. You’re going to do great things

  13. Yes, we have so many things to be thankful for. Big or small blessings call for a celebration. I agree with you when you said, that our frustrations and failures should not be a hindrance in getting our goals, rather, it should be an opportunity for us to grow. Let’s move forward and embrace life with positivity.


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