July 2021, a fresh wind!


Welcome, to July 2021, my birthday, month!  I can feel a fresh wind blowing and bringing something new.  For me, July is the perfect month to turn all my yearning desires into hope. Hope, the only thing that can make me dream and see the light ahead.

Many of us are eager to enjoy these vacation months ahead.  Now that life is slightly getting back to normal, we can start to travel and smile at the world again.

I can’t wait to lose myself in some great books while admiring beautiful sunsets that can only be seen in Florida.  I am ready to let the sand caress my feet while taking these peaceful night walks on the beach.  July just brings pure joy to my heart and freedom to my soul.

Let July’s fresh wind strengthen you so you can fulfill all the dreams that were dormant last year.  This summer month is the perfect time to enjoy the little things and shape the big picture into a reality so long wished for.

Breathe and let the wind of July set you free to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Always take a minute to pause and to be thankful for each second of this purposeful month.


  1. I hope that you have had a nice birthday and sounds like you have a good holiday upcoming for sure – enjoy x

  2. I’m in Florida for a good chunk of this month every year, so I also love July. We are at the beach this week in Fort Myers and there’s definitely a fresh wind…. bringing in TS Elsa here!

  3. Summer cannot come soon enough! Happy birthday, sounds like you have some fun stuff planned. Especially needed coming out of this weird time.

  4. July is normally a great month as the weather is better, the kids finish school and we get to enjoy the outdoors. Have a great birthday x

  5. I am so happy for you. I hope that the upcoming months too will be positive months for you. Keep chasing your dreams and don’t give up on your hopes


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