It is beautiful after the storm


Last Saturday, I was driving down highway 75, and suddenly it started storming.  The rain was so heavy and it was so dark, I could not see in front of me.

All the cars were driving so slowly, finally, I managed to pull over.  If you know me, I don’t like driving in the rain and when it’s storming, I am not even attempting to do so.

After a few minutes who seemed like an eternity, the storm stops, and the dark sky becomes so beautiful and clear.

As I am reflecting now, I could not help correlate that particular experience with instances in my life, where things were so uncertain, dark, and even stormy.  I walked by faith thru them and saw the changes and my life becomes settle.

I am not sure what are you going thru in your life at this time.  I don’t know which storm you are facing currently.  All I could say, if you are reading my post, know that you are not forgotten, you will find your way out through your storm.  Remember in order to have a rainbow, there must be a storm.


  1. I think this is an amazing reminder that rings true for so many today. With the troubles around the globe, so many are losing sight of the rainbow through the clouds. They are drowning in the dark storms. Thank you for this!

  2. I’ve been through many of those Florida storms like that, and it’s so hard when you’re driving! I’m glad you were able to navigate it safely, and find the deeper meaning in it all. It’s so true, the storm has to end at some point!

  3. Wow, what an amazing and motivating post. Thank you for sharing. That really is a great correlation – a rainy uncertain time and having faith to get through it. I think we all need a little bit of that, especially in the world today with everything going on. Beautiful post! <3

  4. I always look forward to rainbows and cool wind after a storm. I love how you give meaning to that lines. Photos in this post are beautiful.

  5. behind all this storm in our life,,theres always a bright light…its up to us how we gonna interpret it on our everyday way of life….lets use this bright to life to move on…thnanks for sharing

  6. Unfortunately when the storm is blasting it is hard to imagine the sunshine at the end of it. I don’t like driving in the rain either, I would rather stop and wait for it to pass than continue with low visibility.

  7. You make a really great analogy about how faith and trust, or even just slowing down, can quiet the noise around you. The rainbow is so fitting. I’ve been in similar experiences where I get so stressed that it’s hard to see beyond the problem, and all it takes for me to just stop worrying about what I can’t control and focus on what I can. As “cliche” as it sounds, I want to make a commitment to actively live by this!

  8. What a coincidence, it’s raining here in Nepal and reading this post with the sound of rain patting. I loved the way you related the rain, storm and rainbows with the life struggle and situation.

  9. I love that you were practicing mindfulness. You reflected inwards how the storm was making you feel. With how you described everything I could visually see the storm with you. You know because I am in Tampa as well. lol


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