I Am Grateful For You


I have chosen to live in a space of gratitude.  I don’t dwell on any difficulties.  I only focus on the different layers of the goodness that have made my life what it is today. I am thankful for everything and everyone that have crossed my ongoing journey on earth.  The little things matter and they always lead to a life of happiness and memories to treasure.

Regardless of the situation, I chose to be grateful even when someone is doing me wrong.  I know challenges are opportunities for me to grow and any wrong helps build my strength and teaches me which path to avoid.  The end result is becoming a better version of myself.

Whether you are reading this post or just browsing my site, I am grateful for you.  I also want you to know you are not doing so coincidentally.  We are interconnected in this world, and we can lift each other up even afar.

The simplest definition of Gratitude is the quality to be thankful and show appreciation, and return the kindness.  Take the time to be grateful to your loved ones or a stranger and return their favors.   Whatever you do, put your heart into it so it can make an everlasting impact on someone. The more you give the more you will receive.

In moments where we cannot find our way out, let’s go back to all those little blessings and they will help us move forward.  In the end, counting our blessings will only attract more blessings.

Remember, we shine brighter together, I am grateful for you.


  1. In October I have started a weekly blog post #Happy Friday where I come up with the list of 10 things that have made me happy that week, another way trying to find the positive in life and be grateful. A nice post!

  2. Today, my son and I did a nature walk. I was grateful for the world that God has provided us. It is amazing to see the leaves change and the animals prepare for the winter season. Gratefulness is very powerful and can turn a negative into a positive.

  3. Layers of goodness is an expression Im going to steal, I mean borrow, from you. Very inspiring words, indeed we should all be gratefull for what we have.

  4. Though I am constantly grateful for both the little things and the bigger picture, I have always wanted to participate in a longer-term gratitude journal to see how keeping track of everything affects my daily life. Your post just might be the push I needed to start that project- thank you.

  5. What a wonderful reminder for gratitude. Too often I forget how much others really help me on a day to day basis. Usually the people that we encounter in passing go without gratitude, but deserve it!

  6. This was such a beautiful reminder. Practicing gratitude can really change your mood. It’s too easy to get sidetracked by the craziness of everyday life, it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on all we have. I am grateful for this post!

  7. The way we feel is a choice we can choose to dwell on the rough times or choose the be grateful for what we have and making it through those times. Definitely a great reminder that you choose what you feel

  8. Gratitude is so beautiful and it’s taken me a long time to come to a place where I am grateful for everything in my life. Removing the bitterness has been freeing. This post is so beautiful and a great reminder to hold gratitude a little higher.

  9. Being grateful daily is a really awesome way to keep positive thinking alive! I use daily affirmations with these to help me with positive thinking and since I’ve started doing it, I swear things are so much better than before! It’s all about perspective!

  10. Love you post. We definitely need to practice gratitude. Sometimes it’s hard when life gets busy we don’t take time to see all the amazing things that are happening around us.

  11. I love this post! It’s important to show gratitude and be grateful for everything in life. I always try to be grateful for even the smallest things and instill the same values in my children.

  12. This is beautiful, and I wholeheartedly agree with you: When we are grateful, we are happier, and everything we do has more impact and joy. It’s best to be grateful all the time!

  13. I revisit this post to get strength and inspiration to get through hard days. We tend to forget about all the good things we have until we make an effort to be mindful!

  14. My day starts and ends with a prayer of thanks. I am grateful for the sunrise and the sunset, for a loving husband, three wonderful children and a grandson, for the food on the table, running water, electricity, clothes on my back, some money in the bank and every little bit of happiness that comes my way. As long as we appreciate what we have been blessed with, life is going to be great!

  15. I try to follow thelis mindset and most of the times I succeed. There have been a few times thought when I couldn’t see pass someone’s wrong actions.

  16. Lovely words and pictures. And I am grateful for you having shared them with us. I strongly believe that gratitude (and being in the moment) is the key to being happier. I came up with my own slogan as a reminder for that: “Stop. Look. Appreciate.” It’s always great to see that someone else is spreading the word about the power of gratitude as well.

  17. This is such a beautiful reminder! I was thinking today how everything that has happened in my life has been for a purpose and that even the unfortunate events and pain have resulted in some benefit. Being grateful for the good and the bad does change one’s perspective on life.

  18. Thank you for this lovely post. I can sense your gratitude and kindness through this blog! I agree that appreciation is critical to developing our humanity and happiness. I also feel that developing compassion for both self and others is especially important.

    I create blogs and podcasts on the topic of nurturing creativity and inspiration— particularly based on this aspect of balancing self-care with care for others.

    That balance is critical to wellness. And gratitude is a key piece of that. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  19. Jenny, I truly appreciate your comment. I am grateful to connect with you, I am sure your podcast will help me enhance my positivity and will help me in time of needs.


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