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You may think that I am naïve for always having that feeling of hope in my heart that things will always get better.  Hope is ingrained so deep in my heart and I just can’t help to believe that I will overcome any challenges or tribulations that life throws at me.

When I am hopeful, it is my own way to believe in myself, my strength, and my faith.

Hope gives me power and inner strength to do great things even when all odds are against me.  I have decided a long time ago that we can either choose to be hopeful or fearful, I opt for hope.  Hope makes me see the good in people and my eyes to only focus on the beauty surrounding me.

I don’t let the negative aspects of life remove my hope, these unfortunate moments strengthen that feeling of hope and let me see a brighter and better future ahead.


Whenever I have an idea, I need to have hope that it will be successful, and my hope will bring determination, encouragement, and will open doors to make my ideas work.  If it does not work out as planned, I have hope that I can do better the next time and I will continue to strive to succeed.  Being hopeful is what keeps me alive and makes me believe in a better tomorrow.

Citadelle Laferrière

If you are reading my post today, may it remind you to be hopeful in life’s darkest moments.  Remember, there will always be tomorrow to bring us light, joy, and happiness.


  1. Hope is essential for everything! If you don’t have hope everything else can fall apart. That’s for putting this post out there to remind us of this. ?

  2. Thank you for your feedback Lois, it is very important to be there for each other and remind our loved ones that there is hope, and tomorrow will be brighter.

  3. Hope is what keeps us going, even if some don’t realize it. It can be something simple, too – just the hope that whatever happens tomorrow will be this or that/ Hope is pretty much the glue!

  4. I love this, it’s so important to try to have hope, and see the light in things. Makes me think of the quote from Albus Dumbledore: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

  5. Stephanie, this is such a beautiful quote, which I live by in a way. While I am working on what I want, I am happy with what I have.

    • Great Semalee, I am fairly new to blogging. I am willing to learn and share the little that I know. I will visit your blog and comment.

  6. Your attitude and outlook is incredible. I have had so many trials in my life lately that hope is harder than usual but when things get bad it means its bound to get better.

    • Jen,
      As a human, we might be tempted to lose our hope which is normal. I usually reflect on the great things in my life or I overcome previous challenges to regain my hope.

  7. I think my favorite line is “Hope gives me power and inner strength to do great things even when all odds are against me.” I don’t think it’s foolish to have hope. Hops is important and I am so glad you have it and such a great attitude.

  8. This post got me thinking. If I’m being honest I’ve never put too much thought into Hope. Of course there are things I hope will happen, unfortunately mostly these are superficial. After reading your post I need to sit and think about Hope and what it means to me.

  9. Hope is the very core of our existence. Without hope, we have nothing. I honestly love this so, so, so much! Truly uplifting and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing this and sharing hopeful and positive vibes to us all.

  10. Love this line:”Hope gives me power and inner strength to do great things even when all odds are against me. ” What a great and uplifting post to read this Sunday morning. Thank you for this gentle reminder dear. Having a heart full of hope does wonders.

  11. I admire people who can maintain an optimistic outlook, no matter the circumstances. I wish that I could be more like that! Thank you for spreading your cheer to us

  12. Very beautiful and encouraging post. Hope is expecting something with full confidence and positivity. I loved the post thanks for sharing.


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