Focus on the Now


All the little things that we often take for granted are those that truly give meaning to our lives.  For me, I ensure that I start each day with a grateful heart, while I sip my cup of coffee, I take a minute to count my blessings and be thankful.


This weekend is no different, just a typical weekend that I live intentionally and just focus on each moment.  My typical weekend was in reality a special and fulfilled weekend.   Saturday morning, I volunteered my time in a community engagement held by the Alzheimer’s organization.  I represented HANA which is the Haitian American Nurses Association, an organization that I have been part of since I moved to Tampa.

Our main purpose in life which I discussed in one of my previous posts, is to learn, grow, and give or serve.  Putting myself to serve others brings me a sense of joy that I am unable to explain.  As a nurse, I need to educate others on preventive measures to improve their lives,  and this event was exactly what I needed to increase my sense of purpose.

In the evening, my daughters and I spent some time together and we had an impromptu tea party. The quality time spent with them is priceless and these are the moments that I will cherish forever.   Being a mother will always be my greatest accomplishment and I am blessed for a time like this which made me realize that I may not have all that I want but I have all that I need which is their unconditional love.

Sunday, I remain committed to my weekly dance exercise at the gym.  Exercise combined with laughter is my weekly therapy to help me decompress from the stress of the week.  Later on, my girls and I enjoyed a nice brunch in our backyard.

Life is still chaotic and uncertain for me, nevertheless, I decided to shield my heart from worries and focus on the now, enjoy each moment, and let tomorrow take care of the worries.  I am committed to finding joy in the simple things.

Whatever you do, take a moment to be thankful and only focus on the now.

Stay blessed!


  1. “Our main purpose in life is to learn, grow, and serve” is a profound statement. We are all born with a purpose and to be of service to the world. We only need to find our calling and nurture it


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