First Sunday of December

Table Setting

First Sunday of December, feeling the joy of Christmas already, enjoying the simple pleasure of the season with my kids, baking, playing Christmas Carols, and decorating the house

Christmas Table Setting

After dinner, listening to music and having tea, pure joy. 
‘Tis the season. We are filling the Holiday season already

December, Tea Time


  1. December has always been one of my favorite months out of the year. Although I must say these holiday seasons were much more fun as a child because the only thing i used to worry about is “what do I want for Christmas? And how long is winter break this year?”. But now as an adult, I found a new form of pleasure when buying presents. Now, I enjoy watching others open gifts that I know they’ll enjoy. Not to mention the stress that went into trying to find the perfect gift lol! Holiday season in my opinion is meant to be celebrated with family in a cozy home and by the looks of your pictures, your home looks very cozy!!

    • Melody,
      I hope you keep your childhood spirit and continue to enjoy the holiday season. It does not take much to make your home cozy and warm with love, joy, and laughter. I wish you and your family all the best. Keep smiling, giving, and helping others. Happy Holidays, Marjie

    • Melody, Thanks for your feedback. I hope you retrieve your childhood spirit and enjoy the holiday season with your family. By your comment, I could tell you have a great heart, as you enjoyed giving, which is our main purpose in life to me. Have a blessed and wonderful holiday season with your family. Marjie


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