Fallen heroes


Someone mentioned today that we have so many fallen heroes this year. This thought led to some deep reflection. Are these people real heroes, or are we putting them on a pedestal because they have the power that we choose to give them?  To me, a real hero is someone that is doing magnificent actions in silence and does not need power. We usually realize their good deeds after they are long gone and in heaven where they belong.

We tend to idealize people that value materialistic things. Real heroes act from the heart, not because they have a certain position or money. Their good deeds are genuine and priceless.  They don’t seek praise and they live a simplistic and quiet life.

Often, we justify bad behavior as being human. It is a fact that we all make mistakes.  Repeating the same mistake is a habit. We can clearly see a pattern of behavior in those so-called “fallen heroes”.

If we look deep down, we will realize that we have power within us and we don’t need to venerate someone that later will shatter our reality and make us question everything else.  The real hero is within us and it is up to us set it free.

We do heroic act each time we overcome a challenge, each time we bring light to someone in the dark, each time we lend a hand to someone in needs. With our good deeds, we can have a better world and each of us will have a place to shine.


  1. I think the idea of someone being considered a hero depends on the person. I personally think people like doctors, firefighters, organ donors, and people who volunteer for charity are all heroes. Some can remain anonymous, some I believe deserves credit. Fortunately, not everyone lives a life where a “hero” would have to do something dramatic in order to “save” them. Some people live simple enough lives where a hero is just someone made them feel better like giving them a hug or buying them coffee.

    • Thanks for sharing your thought Melody. I agree with you and do believe that a hug, a smile, or buying a cup coffee can brighten someone’s life. Often, the simplest thing can have the greatest impact and lasting impression. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if each of us were doing those ordinary and simplest actions on a daily basis.

    • Thanks for your feedback. If we only take the time to listen and be there for each other, that alone could make us an angel for a moment in someone’s life.

  2. I feel like a hero can be anyone. And everyone has a different definition of what they consider a hero. Sometimes it is those that are put on a pedestal, but everyone idolizes them for their own unique reasons.

  3. I totally hear you- everyday people should be celebrated for their simple acts of kindness and generosity. We all have the capacity to be someone’s hero. Definitely time to start emphasizing the power of seemingly small actions.

    • Exactly Lois, as we are approaching a new year, we can start anew, change our behaviors, and take little and positive actions to help each other. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Candy Rachelle,
      Thank you for your comment. Every day, we can find a way to be a hero by doing a simple caring action to lift up someone’s spirit.

  4. What a great thing to reflect on. I see so many of the younger generation jump to call celebrities their hero’s without truly reflecting on why they are a hero. There is a big difference between hero and idol it’s like the difference between a need and a want.

  5. I think that at times we do put people up on pedestals and hail them as heroes, when in reality there are people who deserve to be up there instead. But you are right, I think we are all capable of earning that “hero” badge at some point of our lives.


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