Embracing Change


Witnessing the tension and anxiety that starting a new system created at work made me perplexed.  Everyone seemed so stressed which made me reflect on some previous personal experience where I was so scared of facing changes that I stayed in an unpleasant situation.


I must say, as a human being, we are creatures of habits and change does make us feel uncomfortable.  We fear the unknown as we don’t know what to expect and how to react to any new situation.

We have not realized that change is a normal process in life.  Constantly, we are moving through different phases in our lives.  Each day brings new challenges, new pieces of knowledge, new experiences which make us different from the person we were before.  Most likely this growth occurs because we have changed, which means change is inevitable.

Why are we so uncomfortable? Why are we so reticent and apprehensive towards change?  We hold on to the old and we don’t have space for anything new.  Why don’t we think positive and hope the change will make things better for us?

As things evolve, we must be flexible and adapt to the environment.  If we all were to stay the same, life would be so boring.  We must embrace the excitement that change is bringing to us and live fully.  We must stop the internal fight and be open for any possible great opportunities.  We must be ready to start new beginnings that only change can bring us.


  1. Absolutely ture and so well said. Changes are never easy and tend to make us uncomfortable but once we get out of our comfort zone and embrace those changes whole heartedly, there is no looking back.

  2. Oh my gosh, when I worked at the doctor’s office, we went through 3 system changes in the time I was there. Everyone was stressed and anxious and miserable for a while. Now they are in the midst of another change that I am helping with remotely and I think it’s a great system, but others hate it.

    • Stephanie, I can relate to that, where I work, as soon as we are comfortable with a system, we have to start a new one. I have that quote in big letters next to my computer “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fight the old, but on building the new” Socrates.

  3. This came at a perfect time, it’s so hard for me to get used to changes! It takes me a long time and too much complaining. Eventually, when I get used to it, I regret all the bitterness and complaining.
    We all need to learn to go with the flow… haha…
    Thank you for writing this 🙂

  4. As a military spoise, we move every 2-3 years, so I can totally relate the this. Change can absolutely be stressful but embracing it instead of worrying makes a huge difference for sure

    • Like you Amber, one of my friends is in the military as well as her husband, she said every new place brings new opportunities.

  5. Change can definitely be hard to take lightly but often it really is best. As a business standpoint it is definitely true. Businesses fail so often by not changing with the market and customers.

  6. Embracing change in work and life is essential to growing as an individual and being a better person than who you were yesterday. Change never seems natural or that easy. I did realized it one day and embraces change as it comes with confidence.

  7. Loved your article especially because I have been dealing with so many changes lately. I just recently moved to Chicago from Dallas and Im still trying to embrace the weather here and the endless changes that I have to make in my lifestyle.

  8. Change is never easy especially when it is unexpected and the future is truly unknown, but it too shall pass and the next challenge will arise. We are all just here for the ride so enjoy it while we can.

  9. This is so so true. Changes and getting out of the comfot zones is of the the hardest things to do. But sometimes it is really important to do that, and possibly it takes us to being much better and happier 🙂

  10. The process of adjusting to change can be painful. Having a positive attitude can definitely make things bettter.

  11. THe older I have gotten, I have noticed that I have a harder time with change than I ever thought I would. It does give my sympathy for my grandma who really struggles.


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