Embracing 2022 with my two words


I said goodbye to 2021, a year that has tested me in many ways and has made me stronger.  No matter how hard it was, I would not change a thing if I had the chance. Now, armed with the strength gained from all these past challenges, I am embracing 2022 with a smile.

I am ready to conquer and I have selected two words to go by in 2022.  I know that there might be some clouds ahead, therefore when I lose my passion when things are falling apart, and when I forget that I am enough, these words can be that needed reminder for me to move forward.

My chosen words for 2022 are: Focus and Embolden


I need to remain focused and not be distracted by any chaos that might come my way. I don’t want to remain still, or just question why things are happening.  I have stayed in pause mode for way too long.  I need to focus and take action to achieve my goals.  I need to get my passion back.  The only way that I can succeed is by staying focused.  I am determined and I will focus on each step leading me to my final destination.


This year, I have decided not to let insecurities paralyze me.  I want to be bold and dream big.  Everything that was dormant will come to life.  It will take courage and perseverance to achieve these goals.  I will not give in to fear and I am enough to embolden myself to go for what I want.

It’s a new year, a fresh start, and I want to take you on a journey with me this year.  Let’s remain focused and be bold together.

Happy New Year!


  1. Your post has inspired me to have a word for myself too.. and I love the two words that you have chosen.. all the best for a fantastic year ahead!

  2. I like them, two very powerful words – which sound simple at times yet it’s incredibly important and could be difficult for a lot of people. I will bear it in mind and go through with it in 2022!

  3. Happy New Year too! Super love your chosen words! Just like you I also want to be focused. This is also the reason why I want to be intentional so that I stay aligned with my goals for the year.


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