Commitment And Consistency


Nine months ago, I fell in love with blogging, and it has been my hobby since then.  I set a goal to write at least two posts a week.  I knew it was going to be challenging due to my busy schedule, but I was determined to make it happen.  So far, I have been holding myself accountable to that goal.

I have come to the realization that aside from being determined, commitment and consistency are the key elements in making any dream successful.  I can honestly say that I am determined, committed, and consistent in everything I do, even if it means always missing a few hours of sleep.  I am still learning and there is plenty of room to grow to take my blog to the next level.

The sky, the sunset, and our Dreams! Tampa, Florida

These past ten days, I took my girls on a small trip and I realized that I did not make any plans to keep my two posts a week commitment.    I was torn, I wanted to give my kids my full attention during our little escape but I was failing my blog.

How could I remain consistent and committed?

I know that consistency leads to trust, and alongside with commitment, they are the tools needed to be successful.  I was exhausted and could not focus on writing a new post.  Every night, I went to my blog, revised some old posts which I shared with you again.

Whenever we are working on something, no matter how prepared, we are, there will always be some errors, we must learn and grow from those errors.  The important factor is to have a plan, be committed and consistent in our actions.  Doing so will help us grow and will also make that dream successful.


  1. The commitment part is truly hard when you can’t dedicate a full-time schedule to writing. Whether it be our day jobs, kids, family, or just some time to relax and destress, life is unpredictable which makes consistency challenging.

    I do think it’s important though to be consistent though, and if you do fall off, get right back on. Life will happen, but its our choice to push on or give up.

  2. I feel exactly the same, I would like to write more often than I have lately but life gets in the way doesn’t it?. My kids had 2 weeks of holidays which completely threw me off so it was good to have a couple of guest bloggers lined up to fill in the blanks.

  3. Totally agree. Sometimes I fail on the commitment because I get too tired after work, getting my son organised, fed, bathed and in bed and I just am too tired to think of ideas. I am definitely working harder to correct this though.

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  4. We often backslide from our goals when commitment is not included so definitely, it should come in, as well as consistency even when it feels boring and all tight. And when we fall, we should get up and learn from the errors as you say!

  5. Two posts per week – wow, I cannot do that. All the info research, the concept, the editing of about 30 pix per post….and writing of an article e.g. on a roadtrip through a European country takes at least one week. I think for a journalistically valid post, that’s not too bad, after all.
    Keep up your commitment!

  6. You’re so right – you need commitment to succeed at everything… but it’s pretty tough when you’ve got so much going on! Sometimes you just have to let something take a back seat for your own health and wellbeing!

  7. I am currently going through a similar situation at the moment. I have been blogging for a year and a half at the rate of 2 blog post a week and sometimes I feel like it’s unachievable. I have managed to keep to schedule so far but I am having to be creative this month and split some posts up. When I write I write far too much so I figured that I can still be consistent and just focus on keeping the continuity while I have some time with my family. I am trying to be kind to myself and focus on my blog being for me rather than having to please everyone. We are only human after all.

  8. Yes, consistency and commitment are very important. I noticed that once I started doing these two things, as well as taking my blog seriously, it started to take off. But, and this is a big but, sometimes things come up and it slides a little bit. But that’s ok! Your readers understand that things come up, and that you have a life 🙂 I think it’s wonderful that you were able to spend time with your daughters on a trip. In situations like these, it’s ok to revamp the work schedule a little bit to be accommodating. 🙂

  9. Blogging is definitely a commitment! I’ve lost sleep some nights trying to get everything done, too. When we went on vacation in early June, I knew I wouldn’t have internet and didn’t have time to schedule out posts, so I didn’t. And while I love blogging, it was nice to not worry about any type of “work” at all and just have fun with my parents, my husband, and my boys.

  10. Who was it that said your thoughts become words become actions become habits become character becomes destiny! Your kind of commitment is awesome and is the first step to success.

  11. Balance can be tricky, backup plans &/or forgiving yourself & getting right back into your routine is a recipe for success! You’re goals are great & I can tell the pride you have for your awesome blog!

  12. Consistency is definitely important when it comes to blogging. I find myself falling short on this as well though. It can be so hard, especially when I have so many other things going on at once!

  13. Consistency is so important to my commitments, but I also think breaks. I schedule one break a year on my blog. Sometimes I’m able to create enough content ahead of time that there isn’t a physical break and other times I’m not but it makes a difference. I hope you had a great trip with your daughters!

  14. Even if we are fully committed and try to be consistent there is always something come on the way. Don’t give up and don’t blame ourselves too much. Try to go back to the rhythm of our work and commitment and do the work as usual.

  15. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I recently had a busy week and was not able to get the weekly post out, even though I have a surplus of articles written. Sometimes life happens and one thing I’ve had to learn is that I need to be okay with everything not being perfect. It may take more time to build your blog up, but don’t beat yourself up over missing a post or two.

  16. First, welcome to the blogosphere! Second, let me tell you, my blog started out as a hobby in 2016 just like yours has — and it quickly became a full-time job. I am a social work major, so I have a little more time to blog since I’m a student, but not that much really. Lastly, consistency is key for sure, but the most important thing is to bring excellent content to your readers. So far, you’re doing great with that! Writer’s block happens. Not enough time happens. It’s really okay to give yourself a break when you need one. Those readers who love your stuff will always come back for more if you’re giving them something to resonate with. Loved this post because it’s so real-life for those of us who are writers!

  17. It is definitely so true that you have to be consistent in what you are doing to be successful. I think that this happens with everything in life!

  18. I often take breaks from blogging for family time! I know it’s good to be consistent, but sometimes it’s ok to let go too 🙂

  19. Congratulations on launching your blog! I’m so happy to be here to support you! I blogged 2 times a week for almost a year and I’m hear to tell you: Missing your 2-posts-a-week goal is certainly NOT even close to failing. Blogging is TOUGH. It wasn’t until I had to migrate my blog to another site, that I realized how burned out I was. Balance is definitely the key.

  20. I’ve read something recently about JOMO instead of FOMO. The JOY of missing out- taking the time to enjoy the “here and now” knowing that our projects and goals will still be there tomorrow or next week. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the time with your girls and CONGRATS on the success with your blog!

  21. You and I sound like the same person ; ) I am committed and consistent in everything I do as well. Being a mom and working AND blogging can be a major challenge, but it’s worth the effort to watch your goals come to life! However this year I have allowed myself vacation days to fully commit to giving my children undivided attention and to keep my sanity (turns out, it works well and has many benefits).
    I wish you happiness and success!
    take care fellow blogger ; )

  22. You know, I could not agree more. Commitment and Consistency are the backbone of delivery, quality and success. I also think, having a clear strategy and vision helps a lot in remaining consistent and continuing with confidence even when we might be a bit time-shy. A bit of planning ahead, clear vision, staying committed to the decided minimums and consistently churning out the same or better quality each time is what really makes a good writer/author/blogger. And must I say, you do it so well that I have begun looking forward to your articles since I discovered your blog. Keep at it!

  23. This definitely rings true to me. I have been blogging on and off since 2004! The reason why it has never taken off for me is because I wasn’t consistent about it. But what you said is so true.

  24. I love this post, because it’s true! Consistency is everything! Because of your inspiration, I am building my blog! I’m so looking forward to seeing pictures of your move, and your life in Tampa! Miss you already!

  25. I am here working along side of you. Holding my feet to the fire too while running my custom workroom. NOT easy. We can do this one step at a time!


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